Why adjustable weight dumbbells can make a real difference?

Why adjustable weight dumbbells can make a real difference?

Looking good and feeling comfortable in your own skin is really important. Everyone is making an effort to stay fit and maintain their bodies in good shape, which is why most gyms are constantly crowded.

If you are motivated enough to build a workout routine and become the fit person you always wanted to be, then you should consider training with weights. Weight workouts aren’t for everyone, but if you really want to grow your muscular mass, they are the best option for you.

When it comes to weight training, everyone faces the same dilemma: is it better to train using barbells or adjustable dumbbells? They both have advantages and disadvantages, but most people prefer adjustable dumbbells, because of the flexibility they offer.


Whats the difference between dumbbells and barbells?

The main difference between dumbbells and barbells is their design. While a barbell is a long, straight metal bar that has sleeves on the ends that help with the weight holding, dumbbells are miniature barbells, usually between 10 and 15 inches long. While in dumbbell trainings, two of them are required, only one barbell is needed for powerlifting exercises.

Training with dumbbells is more efficient for a number of reasons. Here is why most people choose them:

  • They do not limit your range of motion
  • They allow you to work on each side of the body separately
  • They are great for people who must train one side of the body more than the other
  • They occupy very little space and can be store anywhere
  • They can be used to train even in the smallest spaces

Although dumbbells have all these advantages, it doesn’t mean that you should not choose to work out with a barbell, too. Here is why barbells can be convenient:

  • You can perform specific exercises that cannot be done with dumbbells
  • They help you increase your lifting strength
  • They are ideal if you are training for Olympic weightlifting sports
  • They are safer to use with heavy weights

If what interests you is to gain more mass, then you probably want to know which of the two can help you work out more effectively.

adjustable weight dumbbells

According to scientific sources, dumbbells are the ideal choice if you want to build muscles, because you can easily adjust the weights and you can do more repetitions in shorter amounts of time. On the other side, if you are already fit and you want to take your trainings to a whole new level, then the barbells are the best option for explosive exercises and power lifting.

How can dumbbells help you build muscles?

If you want to achieve more strength and size at the same time, a pair of dumbbells can really make a difference. They are easy-to-use pieces of equipment, suitable for both beginners and experienced users.  Also, they allow you to train your limbs individually.

So what do you have to do in order to get the best out of dumbbell training? First of all, it is really important to buy the best pair of dumbbells for your needs. One of the most important elements is the adjustability. You want your set to have an easy setting system, an easy weight-change system and an ergonomic design.

Also, you must start creating a workout routine that includes functional exercises for the body parts that you want to grow.

You think that you need to sacrifice a lot of time for your workouts? You couldn’t be more wrong. Studies have shown that 20 minutes of weight training every day can help you grow your muscles significantly if you perform your exercises correctly.

You might wonder how long does it usually take for the results to be observable. The answer varies depending on your efforts. However, it shouldn’t take more than 6 weeks in order for the first results to be easily seen.

adjustable weight dumbbells

You don’t know what exercises you should do using your dumbbells? Don’t limit yourself to bicep curls and triceps kickbacks. Get creative and build a customized training plan that targets your desired areas.

For instance, try to use a decline bench press to work on your chest muscles by lifting the dumbbells. Three sets of 10 repetitions each should suffice for the first couple of weeks.

Another exercise that you should try to build your arms, chest and shoulders is the incline dumbbell press reverse-grip. Start by holding your elbows lower than your chest and the dumbbells at your shoulders’ level and lift them upwards by bringing your arms together while sitting on an incline bench. Do two sets of 12 repetitions, three times per week to see quick results.

The one-arm dumbbell row, the side laterals or the alternate bicep curls can also be effective if you do them correctly. Try to exercise in front of a mirror in order to be able to observe the position of your body.

A set of dumbbells is essential if you want to build muscles fast and without extended effort. Be willing to stay fit and you will start seeing results from the first weeks.