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Best Power Tower Reviews: Top 7 in 2020

If you’ve been searching for a picture perfect addition to your home gym that allows you to work out your entire body without eating up a lot of space, you’re going to be on the hunt for the very best power tower you can find.

Giving everyone the opportunity to work out all of their major muscle groups without ever having to dedicate a tremendous amount of space in their home or their garage to a bunch of different pieces of exercise equipment, the right power tower is going to become the foundation of your home gym pretty quickly.

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Bowflex BodyTowerBowflex BodyTower4.2/ 5$$$$Click Here!
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Bowflex Blaze Home GymBowflex Blaze Home Gym4.4/ 5$$$$Click Here!
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Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you are getting your hands on the best piece of workout equipment for your specific needs, and the only way to do that is to look into all of the different options available. Here are a couple of different things you’ll want to focus in on before you pull the trigger on this purchase.Weider-200-Best Power Tower Reviews

What’s your budget look like?

The overwhelming majority of power tower options out there worth owning are definitely going to cost you at least $100 – and sometimes considerably more than that.

You’re going to want to make sure that your budget closely aligns with your exercise and fitness goals, as you don’t want to handicap yourself by purchasing a lower tier power tower and then regretting that you didn’t spend a little bit extra money to get something really special.

How much room do you have?

Every power tower on the planet is going to chew up quite a bit of space no matter what, but some are going to eat up a lot more space than others. Measure out just how much room you have available to dedicate to your new power tower, and you won’t have to worry about shoving things around too much. You’ll be able to purchase a power tower that best suits the space you have available.

Always invest in flexibilityBest Power Tower

Power towers are tremendously flexible pieces of exercise equipment, but some are going to have more stations and options than others. It’s always a good idea to spend more on a power tower that offers unlimited (or nearly unlimited) flexibility than one that has fewer options.

Best Power Tower Reviews in 2020

1. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Stamina 1690 Best Power Tower Reviews

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The Stamina 1690 power tower is definitely one of the most stripped-down options we are going to review in this quick guide, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth owning. This is certainly one of the best pieces of exercise equipment you could ever hope to own, and the kind of fitness equipment that is going to allow you to get in the type of top-notch workout you’re hoping for without too many bells and whistles.

  • Supports multiple different types of exercises and workouts in one simple station
  • Manufactured out of structural steel for durability and stability
  • Completely freestanding design fits almost anywhere
  • Relatively compact for use in rooms with 8 foot high ceilings
What’s to like about Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Of all the different power tower options that we are going to review in this quick guide, this one is definitely the most simple and straightforward – but also one of the most versatile. You’ll be able to do push-ups, pull ups, situps, dips, and much more the moment that you install this in your home.

What’s not to like

Of course, that simple and straightforward news isn’t exactly going to blend itself well to comparisons of our towers that are much more “full-featured”. For the price though, it really doesn’t get a lot better than this.

Final Verdict

The Stamina 1690 Power Tower is certainly one of the best power tower solutions you’ll have the opportunity to purchase. We give it a full five out of five rating.

2. Weider Power Tower

Weider-Best Power Tower Reviews

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Designed and engineered by legendary fitness guru Joseph Weider, this particular power tower is similar to the exercise equipment that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo, and other world-famous bodybuilders used to build the legendary physiques that they have become internationally recognized for.

  • Bulletproof construction makes for one of the most durable and stable power tower options money can buy
  • Includes multiple workout stations (including a vertical knee raise station) to hit all major muscle groups
  • As comfortable as can be with built in fully a pollster did backrest
  • Will fit in rooms with standard 8 foot and higher ceilings
What’s to like about Weider Power Tower

Far and away one of the best power tower stations you could hope to invest your money on, the Weider Power Tower is built like an M1 Abrams Tank – and is almost as heavy!

Stable enough to really swing your weight around and gain some momentum when you need to blast through the last set, you’ll appreciate the durability of this unit for years and years to come.

What’s not to like

The only real knock against this power tower is that it is a little bit to on the heavy side of the fence, though that isn’t going to be a problem if you want to be sure that you never topple over when you’re using it.

Final Verdict

Maybe not as fleshed out as some of the other options on this list, this particular power tower still earns a four out of five rating from us.

3. Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Vision PT600 Best Power Tower Reviews

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Body Vision has been responsible for producing some of the highest quality and most affordable exercise equipment available on the planet for some time now, and this particular power tower is no exception.

Well designed and engineered and as versatile as anything that you’re going to come across, it definitely deserves consideration as one of the best power tower options you’ll have the opportunity to own.

  • Engineered with precision and durability in mind
  • Offers multi station workout options for full body training
  • Provides slip resistant foot and hand grips to really help you slam through grueling workouts
  • Manufactured out of structural steel and tubular steel components for long-lasting durability
What’s to like about Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

One of the simplest power tower options you may have the opportunity to invest in, this particular power tower is everything you need (and then some) without becoming too big and too bulky.

What’s not to like

On the flip side, it isn’t quite as feature-rich as some of the other power tower options around this price point, so it may or may not be an ideal solution for you. Even still, it’s definitely versatile, so you’ll want to at least consider it.

Final Verdict

We feel very comfortable giving the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower a four and a half out of five rating without any real holdups or reservations.

4. XMark Power Tower Pull Up Bar

XMark Best Power Tower Reviews

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Certainly one of the more expensive pull-up bar and power tower stations you’re going to come across, this is a well-built and well-engineered exercise station that should be able to give you the kind of workout that you’ve always wanted without too terribly many drawbacks whatsoever.

  • Constructed out of 14gauge steel with a scratch resistant powder coat finish for years of use
  • Extra thick high density caution and long-lasting vinyl options increase the durability of this set up
  • Skid resistant foot coveringsmake sure that this power tower doesnt slide around
  • Versatile construction offers almost unlimited exercise options
What’s to like about XMark Power Tower Pull Up Bar XM-4434

Of all the different things that this particular power tower brings to the table, the most impressive has to be just how well constructed it is. Only a few options out there are manufactured out of 14gauge steel components, but this one is – and you’ll notice it right away!

What’s not to like

Not exactly the cheapest power tower that you’re going to come across, you’ll definitely have to spend a little bit of money to invest in this workout station. Most would agree that it’s worth every penny, though.

Final Verdict

Certainly ranking right up there with other top power tower options, this may not be THE best power tower money can buy – but it’s definitely in the conversation. It gets 4 ½ out of five from us!

5. Bowflex BodyTower

Bowflex BodyTower Best Power Tower Reviews

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Bowflex has an almost legendary reputation as far as exercise equipment options are concerned, and this power tower is no exception. Manufactured by the same people that turned the fitness world on its head with their first few cable adjustable resistance exercise machines, this power tower has everything you’re looking for and then some.

  • Multi-station power tower offers independent flexibility and optional resistance to tailor your workouts
  • More than 20+ different exercises are possible to knock out when you are working out on this machine
  • Commercial grade steel frame and picture-perfect weight distribution makes this one of the most stable power towers out there
  • Enjoys a 300-pound weight capacity (one of the largest weight capacities around)
What’s to like about Bowflex BodyTower

The people at the Bowflex definitely know what they’re doing when it comes time to manufacture top exercise of equipment options, and you’re going to appreciate all of the versatility and utility that you’ll be able to get out of this power tower. The extra resistance really helps you slam out grueling workouts that will force your body to transform!

What’s not to like

This power tower is definitely on the heavier side of things, and it’s also going to be at least a little bit awkward to install in your home. Definitely better suited to those that have garage spaces or extra high ceilings, you’ll want to be sure that this is going to fit where you want to put in your order.

Final Verdict

Maybe not quite as polished as some of the other options on this list, there’s still a lot to like about the Bowflex BodyTower. It might not be the very best power tower money can buy, but it’s close.

6. ProGear 275 Tower Fitness Station

ProGear 275 Best Power Tower Reviews

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One of the easiest to use power towers that you’re going to come across (without sacrificing any versatility at all), you are definitely going to be impressed by the flexibility and the versatility that the ProGear 275 Tower Fitness Station with Extended Capacity Power has on display.

This is a true “one-size-fits-all” piece of exercise equipment, that’s for sure!

  • Enjoys a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds for extra stable use
  • Takes advantage of high-end construction materials to provide long-lasting durability
  • Offers users the opportunity to perform more than 30+ different exercises to work out their entire body
  • Stabilizer system makes sure that this power tower stays exactly where you want it to go without any wiggling
What’s to like about ProGear 275 Tower Fitness Station

The stabilizer system that theProGear 275 Tower Fitness Station with Extended Capacity Power takes advantage of guarantees that this power tower is going to stay pretty much exactly where you stick it in your home, without any wiggling when in use. That’s a game changer across the board!

What’s not to like

You are going to have to spend a pretty penny to get your hands on this power tower, but when you are looking at all of the extra features and benefits that this brings to the table, you’ll soon see it is worth every penny.

Final Verdict

Though there are definitely cheaper power tower options, few (if any) other competing products are quite as stable or as durable and reliable as this one. We feel comfortable giving it 4 ½ out of five.

7. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Best Power Tower Reviews

Click here for current price and more details

Another option from the legendary fitness equipment manufacturer, the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym is so much more than your traditional power tower, but instead something much closer to a full-blown “all-in-one” home gym workout station.

You’re going to be able to blast every single muscle in your body when you use this particular set up, and you’re going to be able to go through a major body transformation in record time when you do so.

  • Full home gym offers the ability to cruise through more than 60 different exercises to target every muscle group in your body
  • Youll be able to specifically target different muscle groups on the fly and with next to no adjustment whatsoever when using this station
  • More than 210 pounds of variable resistance gives you the chance to grow intothis exercise machine
  • Comes complete with rowing deck and leg extension attachment to blast your lower body and back
What’s to like about Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Of all the different power tower options you’ll have the chance to pick and choose from, this is the most versatile – and it isn’t even close. This is a full-blown home gym, and maybe the last piece of exercise equipment you will ever need.

What’s not to like

On the flipside, you’re going to be spending quite a pretty penny to get your hands on all of that extra versatility. Most people would agree that it is worth everything that you invest to be able to really crank things up to its highest intensity when you purchase the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym.

Final Verdict

There might not be a more complete power tower option than this one on the market. If you’re looking for the full-blown home gym experience, you have to grab the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym at your earliest opportunity. We are going to give it a full five out of five star rating – it deserves it!

Choosing from the Best Power Tower Reviews

Power towers are many on the market today, but only the handful of different options that we reviewed above are really worth your time and effort.

The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym, the Stamina 1690, and the XMark Power Tower are probably the best of the best that money can buy right now, and you certainly cannot go wrong with either of them. Hopefully now you’ll be armed with all the information you need to know to buy the best power tower for your specific needs!

How to use your Power Tower: Top 5 ExercisesBest Power Tower

The power tower is a vertical exercise equipment that is also known as “knee raise station” or “the captain’s chair”. It can be often seen at the gym, but it can be also used at home by those who lack time.

The power tower is mainly used to train the upper body muscles such as the abs, back and shoulders. It is ideal for home use as it occupies little space and it allows the user to perform plenty of exercises without having to use other machines.

Although it seems quite easy to use, exercises on this workout device can be challenging. Exercises like the hanging knee raise involve the rectus abdominis which is usually not toned in people with belly fat.

The main advantage of using a power tower is the fact that no weights are needed and the only weight you will be using is your body weight. This is a great way of losing fat and toning your muscles in a short period of time.

If you are planning to build a daily workout routine but you don’t know what to begin with, check out the 5 most popular exercises that can help you build your upper body muscles and strengthen your legs:

  1. Push-ups

Every power tower comes with parallel fixed bars that can be used for push-ups. Some units allow the user to increase or decrease the bar level to fit their needs.

  1. Pull-ups

Pull-ups are excellent exercises for the back, arms and shoulders. Power towers are equipped with a vertical bar which is usually fixed and allows the user to perform a wide variety of pull-ups such as chin-up pull-ups, behind the neck, static commando pull-ups and many more.

  1. Dips

Triceps dips are easy to perform on a power tower that has adjustable bars. Depending on the equipment’s model, the trainee can do the dips facing the unit or the room.

  1. Vertical knee raise

This is one of the most popular exercises that can be performed on a power tower. It helps strengthen the ab muscles and tone them at the same time. The legs and arms are actively involved and trained. This position can be a bit uncomfortable for most people, which is why it is wise to choose a power tower with ergonomic armrests.

  1. Wide grip pull-ups

The two handles in the back of the equipment are perfect for wide pull-ups. This exercise helps the trainee build beautiful biceps and strong shoulders. The bar that sustains the two handles is usually fixed and cannot be adjusted, so if it is positioned a bit too high, you can climb on the lower, adjustable bars to reach them.

The power tower is a multi-functional apparatus that helps you work all the muscles in the upper body. Once you have built your strength you can also think of cardio workouts using this unit. By repeating these exercises more and more, increasing the number of repetitions each week, you will boost your cardiovascular activity. Although it is designed to focus on the upper muscles, the legs are also stressed during knee or legs raise motions.

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