Cardio Rowing

Cardio Rowing & Bodybuilding Workouts

When you first see this title, you probably think that the two exercise types don’t really connect. In reality, cardio rowing is a type of training that can complement the benefits of bodybuilding Cardio Rowingworkouts. In fact, it can be seen as a part of a bodybuilding workout that will help you reshape your entire body.

Cardio workouts can help one melt ridiculous amounts of fat, which is why they are so appreciated. However, cardio workouts shouldn’t be performed as standalone techniques for muscle shaping.

The reason is fairly simple: you want to lose a lot of weight, but you also want to tone your muscles, so that your skin doesn’t look flabby.

If that is your case, then you should learn more about the two workout types and try to combine them into a routine that works perfectly for you.

Is cardio rowing the right exercise for you?

Indoor rowing is one of the healthiest workouts. Although the rowing machines are often abandoned in gyms, they are extremely valuable. They offer a workout that has low-impact on your joints and that can help you burn a lot of calories.

The great thing about indoor rowing is that everyone can do it. The only thing that you have to do is to sit correctly on the machine and start rowing. You can do circuit trainings, interval trainings or you can simply row at your own pace for as long as you can.

Generally, a 1 hour workout can help you lose around 800 calories, depending on your weight and the intensity of the training.

The main reason why many people choose cardio rowing is that it boosts their cardiovascular system and increases their resistance. When rowing, the core, shoulder and arm muscles are mainly triggered. Also, your back and leg muscles get toned fast.

Rowing workouts can be combined with a variety of other exercises, such as weight lifting, push-ups, pull-ups and many more. Actually, you can combine this type of training with anything that makes you feel good, as long as it triggers the body part you want to work on.

If you want to start practicing a rowing routine, you should be ready to increase the resistance after a few days. It is the best way to reach your goals, as you get to push your limits.

What is the role of rowing in bodybuilding training?

Bodybuilding is a complex sports field. It involves a wide variety of workouts that are meant to help one develop muscle and mass in a balanced way, as well as to increase the strength and muscle Cardio Rowingcontrol.

Bodybuilders perform progressive resistance exercises and engage in activities that help them reach these goals.

You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder to want to look like one. The looks of a bodybuilder come with other advantages, too. A well trained body is a healthy, strong and resistant one.

When you think of bodybuilding, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact there is a lot of weight lifting involved. However, in order to get those looks, one has to lose a lot of fat.

That is when cardio workouts are required. Before starting to build amazing muscles, you have to get rid of unnecessary weight. Also, it is important to keep combining bodybuilding exercises with cardio workouts in order to maintain a good body shape.

Interested? If yes, you should know that there are a lot of workouts that you can perform on an indoor rowing machine.

You can either choose rowing as a warm-up method or as a full workout that you can do when you’re taking a break from bodybuilding exercises.

Here are 3 rowing workouts that can help you lose fat:

  1. 30 seconds sprint workouts
  • Row at your own pace for 10 minutes
  • 15 x sprint for 30 seconds; rest for 30 seconds


  1. Pyramid workout
  • Row at your own pace for 10 minutes
  • Row 1 minute; rest 1 minute
  • Row 2 minutes; rest 2 minutes
  • Row 3 minutes, rest 3 minutes
  • Row 4 minutes; rest 4 minutes
  • Row 3 minutes; rest 3 minutes
  • Row 2 minutes; rest 2 minutes;
  • Row 1 minute; rest 1 minute


  1. 1 minute sprint workout
  • Row at your own pace for 10 minutes
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 26)
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 28)
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 26)
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 28)
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 26)
  • Row at your own pace for 2 minutes


Why should you start rowing right away?

After a while of exercising using weights or traditional machines such as indoor bikes, the stepper, the press and more, we all feel the need to diversify our workouts. The indoor rowing machine is a fun way to bring diversity into your daily workouts and have some fun.

Modern rowing machines have preset trainings that can help you reach your goals faster, are easy to use and have a low impact on your knees. The biggest advantage is that one gets to work out almost all muscle groups while rowing: the quadriceps, hamstrings, back, shoulders, abs, biceps, triceps and calves.

A rowing machine is not only incredible equipment for cardio workouts, but it also offers an effective strength-building training.Cardio Rowing

All rowing machines have performance and activity monitors that can help you observe your evolution. Also, these machines have a lot of settings that can
be adapted to your needs, such as resistance, speed, intensity and more.

To conclude, everyone should row during their daily or weekly trainings. Although indoor rowing has been underestimated for a long time, this type of training is as complex as it gets, is suitable for all ages and it can help one burn a lot of calories.

More than that, it is the perfect routine that one can integrate into a bodybuilding workout. Cardio rowing is encouraged especially in the case of natural bodybuilders who don’t appeal to steroids or other supplements for mass growth.