gym machines for your abs

How to choose the best gym machines for your abs

When it comes to training and weight loss, most people are obsessed about getting rid of the belly fat. After the belly fat is gone, everyone wants to have their abdomen well-shaped, so they look and feel good.

There are so many ab machines that can help you build your abdominal muscles. Some help you more; some help you less, but one thing is for sure: you will always be able to achieve the results you want if you choose the best gym machine for your abs.

What do you really need and why ab machines don’t work for everyone?

We hear that ab machines don’t work for everyone all the time. The sad part is that it is true. They don’t’ work for everyone because not everyone wants to simply shape their abdominal muscles.gym machines for your abs

If you are overweight and have belly fat that has been gathering for years, it is almost impossible to lose weight in that area only with the help of an ab machine.

You need cardio workouts, running, hydration and a lot of motivation. Ab machines are useful in this situation, but they won’t do the job alone.

Ab machines are designed to bring great results to individuals who train daily or at least weekly. If your weight is normal or just a bit over the limit, it is possible to burn that fat and actually, it will happen by default.

So what do you really need? Do you need to lose weight or to build abdominal muscles that look amazing?

Of course, some people want both things, which is quite good. Even though you can’t lose that much weight just by using an ab machine, it is good to strengthen the abs, so they could sustain you better in your daily activities.

So, that is why ab machines don’t work for everyone. It is healthy to use one and it always has positive effects on your body, but the results don’t always show.

What are the best ab machines?

The truth is that there is no such thing as the best ab machine. What helps you get a flat stomach and look great might not work for your friends and the other way around.

In order to determine which one is better for your body and offers you the most effective results, you must give them all a try. When we say “all of them”, we don’t literally mean it. We are talking about the ab machines you can find in a gym.

  1. Some of the most popular of all are ab benches. They are easy to use, adjustable and don’t require special instructions. They can be found in any gym.

You can use an ab bench to do regular abs, crunches, twists and leg raising abs. Also, it can be used at different angles, which means that the resistance is adjustable.
gym machines for your abs

  1. The ab wheel has been recently discovered to be one of the most effective gym equipment for those who are looking to strengthen their core. It not only helps you strengthen the abdominal muscles, but also the shoulders, back and arms.

Most people prefer to workout with it because it helps them build both upper and lower ab muscles fast. However, a lot of motivation is required, as it can be really difficult to make more than 20 repetitions.

  1. An alternative to sit-up benches and ab wheels is the pull-up bar. Not everyone likes it and especially not the women. It is associated with the
    difficulty level of the pull-ups, which is why it is often avoided for abdominal exercises.gym machines for your abs

Even so, it remains one of the best options. The ab muscles can be easily shaped when doing knee raises and leg raises.

  1. The exercise ball is often used in Pilates classes and it is an amazing accessory for ab exercises. It is also known as a stability ball and although it may seem easy to use, it is not.

Give it time before you give it up, even though it can be challenging.

  1. The Roman chair is also one of the most frequently seen ab machines in gyms. It helps individuals strengthen their lower back muscles and it should be used in combination with other ab machines or accessories.

If you want to have a great ab, you should definitely focus on your lower back muscles, too. Otherwise, you risk having lower back pain or a really bad posture.

  1. The rowing machine is not to be avoided if you are looking to shape your abs. Unlike the other equipment we’ve talked about so far, this one can actually help you lose weight, too.

Training using a rowing machine is great, as it can offer you the cardio workout you need, it can help you train all the muscle groups in your body, it makes you sweat and it has a low impact on your joints.

However, if you decide to train with the rowing machine, make sure you don’t forget to use the sit-up bench from time to time, too.

Which ab machine is right for you?gym machines for your abs

As previously said, you should try them all to see what suits your needs best. However, there are some rules that you should take into consideration before starting to train.

For example, you shouldn’t use the pull-up bar for too long if your arms are weak and that prevents you from building a normal routine. Instead of waiting for your arms to get stronger, you should better focus on different equipment.

Also, if you suffered back injuries lately, you should avoid the stability ball. Not everyone is a good candidate for the exercise ball, for obvious reasons. It can be difficult to stabilize and you need good lower back muscles.

Avoid the ball if you feel uncomfortable or have the continuous sensation that you are falling.

At the same time, remember that any training type must be combined with a healthy diet. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.