Stair Stepper Exercise Machine

Top 5 Stair Stepper Exercise Machine Benefits

The stair stepper, that equipment we all see in gyms, on TV or in people’s homes is one of the things that best imitate the action of climbing. The full-sized stepper can help users get intense Stair Stepper Exercise Machinetrainings and is less complicated than other fitness machines.

The only thing you have to do once you’re on a stair stepped exercise machine is to adjust the settings and start climbing. It can be tiring and even exhausting if you are a beginner, but you can always slow down.

If you ever climbed more than 100 stairs then you know that your entire body is put to work during this activity. You might not feel your every muscle in your legs at first, but you will definitely start feeling the machine’s effects after a minute or two.

If you’re interested in starting to work out using a stair stepper machine, then you should know what the benefits of this type of exercise are.

Who can use a stair stepper machine?

Luckily, everyone is welcome to use a stepper. It offers aerobic trainings of various durations and intensities and has the ability to improve your heart activity.

If you’re looking for a low-impact workout but you are bored of the stationary bike, try this machine out. You will experience a whole new sensation and your muscles will start to burn soon enough, which is a good thing.

The stair stepper is a good choice for individuals who have bad knees, too. It has a low-impact on the joints.

However, if you have a history of knee injuries, you should talk to your physician about the decision of training using a stair stepper first.

Stepper machines are great for muscle development. They help you train your glutes, your calves, you thighs, hamstrings and arms. Depending on the machine you are using, you can try to perform a variety of routines that involve your arms and shoulders, too.

The stair-stepper is ideal for people who want to lose weight in a non-aggressive way. According to Harvard Health Publications, 30 minutes on this machine can lead to the loss of 180 calories in Stair Stepper Exercise Machinethe case of a 125-pound person (56 kg).  The more you weigh, the more you burn during training.

What are the main benefits of using a stair stepper?

Every piece of fitness equipment comes with a variety of benefits that you can take advantage of once you start training. There are general benefits that apply to all types of workouts, such as cardiovascular health, an increased energy level, a better mood, self-confidence, better sleep and appetite.

Also, there are benefits that not all fitness equipment can provide you with, such as muscular flexibility, muscular strength and weight loss, muscle toning and shaping.

The stepper is also one of the best fitness equipment that can fight obesity. It is easy to build a cardio routine when you have a stepper at your disposal.

Here are the main benefits of a stair stepper that everyone should know about:

  1. Weight loss

The entire body benefits from the advantages of a stair stepper. When climbing, you start burning more and more calories. When you reach a stage where you can push your limits a bit harder, it becomes easier to lose weight.

  1. Leg thinning

If you were looking for a way to get rid of bulky calves and thighs, this is one of the things that will definitely contribute to that purpose. Exercising every day on a stepper and stretching your muscles as much as possible is a simple way of getting thinner legs in a few months’ time.

  1. Cardio & Aerobics

When you see someone training on a stepper it doesn’t look like much. However, this machine is able to make your heart run like crazy and your muscles tighten, just like during an aerobics class.

  1. Glutes training

Are you one of those people who dream about having nicer buttock? The stair stepper is ideal for you if you want to strengthen and tighten those muscles. You will observe the first results in less than a month. Take it easy, though, you don’t want to experience muscle soreness too often.

  1. Back muscles strengthening

When training on a stair stepper, not only you will feel and look better, but you will also strengthen you lower muscles. This way, you will provide your spine with better support, your posture will improve and your back will hurt less even when sitting down for hours.


Other muscles that benefit from this type of training are the abdominal muscles, the calves, the quadriceps, hamstrings and the calves. The shoulders and arms are also being trained when using steppers with handles.

What to look for in the best stair stepper exercise machine?

In order to benefit from all the advantages we mentioned above, you must exercise on a high-quality stepper machine. Gyms are usually equipped with professional steppers, but if you decide to Stair Stepper Exercise Machine
buy one for home use, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • The ergonomics – it is important to work out on an ergonomic machine that makes it easy and comfortable to exercise
  • The materials – you need a sturdily built stepper if you want to be able to use it for the coming years
  • The handlebars – the existence of handlebars makes it easier for you to support yourself with your hands and to train those arms and forearms
  • The monitor – modern equipment comes with advanced features that can help you monitor your activity and keep track of your heart rate, pulse, calories and more.
  • The adjustability – no person is like the other, which is why you want to make sure that you can adjust the machine for your own needs.
  • The size – if you want to buy a stair stepped for your home, you might to

consider the available space you have in your living room or home gym, because some machines occupy more space than you think.

  • The price – fitness equipment is often overestimated these days. Spend a little time researching before buying a stair stepper. Compare the specifications and prices and choose a product that is affordable and suitable for your needs