How to choose the best rowing machine for home use?

How to choose the best rowing machine for home use?

Rowing machines are known to be some of the best fitness equipment for those who want to train regularly. They have positive effects on all muscle groups and provide individuals with amazing cardio workouts.How to choose the best rowing machine for home use?

These machines offer you everything you need to lose weight, maintain a good physical shape and live a healthy life.

They are complex, they can help you monitor your activity and they perfectly imitate water rowing motions.

If you are in the process of buying a rowing machine for home use, then you probably already started researching for some of the best models out there.

In this article you will learn essential information about the types of rowing machines that are available on the market and the main things that should influence your decision.

What rowing machine type is best for your needs?

Before actually buying a rowing machine for home use, you should know how they work and which type is better for your needs.

If you are a person who wants to lose weight, one who needs to strengthen their muscles or if you need to train for a particular event, then the rowing machine is exactly what you’re looking for.

Depending on your training needs, you should choose a machine that uses a certain type of resistance. There are:

  • Magnetic rowing machines
  • Hydraulic rowing machines
  • Air rowing machines
  • Water rowing machines

The magnetic resistance has smooth motions. Its noise level is quite low and its adjustability makes it very popular among rowing enthusiasts.

The hydraulic resistance is based on cylinders that are filled with oil. They are lighter than other rowing machine types and many people claim that they are the best for home use.How to choose the best rowing machine for home use?

The air resistance is highly efficient thanks to their flywheels, but they make a lot of noise, which is why they aren’t so popular among those who need fitness equipment for home use.

The water rowing machine uses water pressure to build resistance and although they are heavier than most rowing machines, they are some of the most efficient and smooth. Their disadvantage is the fact that they need plenty of maintenance actions.

If you are planning to lose weight, you should choose a machine that has light resistance and that allows you to perform cardio workouts easily, without having to struggle.

On the other hand, if your purpose is to build muscles and strengthen them at the same time, you need a rowing machine that is adjustable and has high tension levels. The intensity of the training is what will help you achieve your goals.

Last but not least, if you must train for an important event, then rowing machines with adjustable settings and advanced workout programs are essential for your needs.

What are the best rowing machine brands?

There are a few manufacturers that have shown in time that their main focus is customer satisfaction, performance, quality materials and high-end technologies.

If you are looking for a rowing machine that is durable and offers you the best rowing experience, then you should choose one that is manufactured by:

  • Concept 2
  • Velocity Fitness
  • Stamina
  • Kettler
  • Schwinn

These are the top manufacturers that everyone prefers, but the truth is that the equipment they sell is quite expensive. However, it is worth the investment if you have a long-term plan of living healthy.

The good thing about choosing a well-built rowing machine is the fact that the warranty will not represent an issue. Your product will be covered for at least 2 years.

What to look for in a good rowing machine?

The resistance type is not everything. When it comes to indoor rowing, there are plenty of factors that are worth taking into consideration.concept-2-model-d-rowing-machine1

The design is the most important, surely, as it has to be comfortable, easy to use, intuitive and durable. The ergonomics are really important as they decrease the risk of getting injured.

The amount of space such a machine occupies is also important. If you don’t have a lot of space available in your home, you should look for equipment that is foldable or smaller. Its size should be also chosen depending on your height.

The monitor is yet another element that you should be careful about when looking for a good rowing machine. Modern monitors can track a wide range of activities, including your heart rate, your performance and pulse. They allow you to transfer the data to other devices using a USB port or even wirelessly.

The size of the LCD screen and the interface’s friendliness are factors that will improve your experience or embitter it.

It is important to be able to try the rowing machine before buying it. If you are looking for one online, make sure that you’ve got all the facts, that you read honest customer reviews and that you ask for specialized opinions.

Even downloading the user manual of a rowing machine before buying it is a must. You should make sure that it will be easy to use and suitable for your needs.

BONUS: Frequently used terms that you will start using after buying a rowing machine
  • Console – just like any other device’s console, the rowing machine’s console has a control panel with touch or regular buttons that will help you choose the workout type, program, the How to choose the best rowing machine for home use?speed, intensity and more.
  • Flywheel ­– is the part that helps create the resistance.
  • Heart rate monitor – a monitor that uses sensors to detect and track your pulse and heart beat
  • Saddle – the seat. It slides forwards and backwards during training.
  • Stroke – a complete rowing movement
  • Stroke rate – the strokes you perform per minute
  • Tempo – a number of strokes per minute is set in order to achieve a goal. When the trainee slows down, the rowing machine sends an acoustic signal to let them know that they are not keeping the pace.
  • Program – the workout type one plans before starting the actual training. It involves setting the resistance, distance or stroke rate. Some machines come with pre-set programs that are customizable and can be memorized.

Let us know if you think this information has been helpful and if there’s anything else that makes a difference in your rowing machine trainings.