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Best Single Speed Bike Reviews: Top 7 in 2020

The best single speed bike defines simplicity and make cycling workouts more difficult and more enjoyable at the same time. Unlike multi-speed bicycles, these bikes are equipped with a single gear ratio. They lack derailleur gears and hub gearing, but they are preferred by a large number of enthusiasts and a lot of fun at the same time.

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What are the advantages of a single speed bike?

Single speed bicycles, sometimes called fixies, are not only lighter and cheaper, but they are also simpler and require basic maintenance. Such a bike can be ridden regardless of the weather outside.single speed bike

Their main advantage is its drivetrain efficiency that makes things easier than the numerous multi-geared bikes available on todays market.

You can choose from track bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclo-cross-bikes or hybrid bikes all with single or fixed speeds.

What to look for

Flip/flop hubs or double-sided hubs are important for single speed bikes, as they give you the option to ride a freewheel or a fixed bike, by simply placing the wheel the opposite way.

The gear ratio is important in single speed bikes, depending on the environment you will be using it in. A ratio of 42:17 is what you should be looking for if you are planning to use it in the city.   

The frame, the mudguard mounts and the tires are also to be considered when choosing the best bike for your needs.

We reviewed 7 of the best-selling bikes on the market and highlighted their pros and cons, so you will know which single speed bike offers the best value for money.

Best Single Speed Bike Reviews for 2020

1. Critical Cycles Single Speed Bike Critical Cycles Best Single Speed Bike Reviews

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This entirely black bike is hand built and targets individuals who want to ride it in urban environments. It is also suitable for freestyle performers who only ride a bike for the fun of it.  It is lightweight comparing to other similar bikes, giving the fact that it is made of steel and only weighs 30 pounds.

The great thing about this bike is the fact that it is available in 3 sizes and 10 colors. Everything you need in order to install it comes in the box, so you dont need special tools.

  • Flat top tube
  • Horizontal drop-outs
  • Comes with a flip/flop hub
  • Deep double wall rims
  • Available in 3 sizes: 49cm, 53cm, 57cm.
  • Comfortable seat
  • Gear ratio of 48:16
  • Removable sticker
What’s to like about Critical Cycles Single Speed Bike?

It takes about an hour to assemble this bicycle, which is great comparing to other bikes. Everyone can do it after reading the instructions and you dont need special tools for that. Its handles are comfortable thanks to their height and the toe straps help the rider maintain a stable position.

What’s not to like?

This bike is made of steel, but it is still not as sturdy as expected. Its construction looks a little cheap

Several buyers complained about defective parts, but those were replaced by the manufacturer or the store every time. The brakes and tires are questionable, too, in some cases. This customer’s review is pretty conclusive.  

Final word

This is a nice single speed bike that can be easily assembled. It offers a pleasant riding experience in urban environments, but it is definitely not for pretentious buyers. It offers good value for money, though. The final score of this bike is 3.5 out of 5, due to numerous delivery and parts complaints.

2. Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed BikePure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Best Single Speed Bike ReviewsClick here for current price and more details

This single speed bike by Pure Fix Cycles comes with a gorgeous design and great aerodynamics. At a reasonable price, you get to have an elegant, stylish, yet simple bicycle that will go everywhere.

This model comes in 8 sizes and 25 colors which makes it appropriate for almost everyone.  It looks solid, although its tires are not as good as expected. Even so, this manufacturer is extremely responsive and offers great customer support, which is a plus.

Here are the key features of this single speed bike:

  • Deep-dish 50 mm wheels
  • Flip/flop hub
  • Removable front brake
  • Is made of steel
  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • Gear ratio of 44:16
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Some models glow in the dark
  • Rear brake is available upon request
What’s to like about Pure Fix Cycles  Single Speed Bike?

This commuting bike is great for urban rides and freestyle riders. It is easy to assemble, lightweight and extremely comfortable. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a fashionable bike, too. Its sleek design makes it easy to maneuver. The handlebars differ from model to model. You get to choose from four different types: the Original, Glow, Micro and Premium.

What’s not to like?

Some users experienced unpleasant situations due to the poor-quality tires of this bike. Although they were replaced by the manufacturer. Even so, this bike has a lot to offer.

Final word

Overall, this single speed bike might just be one of the best choices for city riders who are looking for a fashionable, durable bike. It is sturdily constructed, lightweight and impressively easy to assemble. The final score is 4.5 out of 5 based on 800 customer reviews. Except for the cheap tires, this bike is the real deal.  

3. Vilano Single Speed Bike

Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Best Single Speed Bike Reviews

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This single speed bike is perfect for those who want to ride around town. It’s steel frame, 31 pound weight and 700c wheels make it easy and comfortable to ride.

This bike features an urban saddle that looks a bit cheap but is comfortable to some degree. Although it is designed for beginners, this model actually has great functionalities.

Assembling it is easy and it will only take about 30 minutes if you have all the required parts at hand.

Heres what you will get:

  • Fixed gear
  • 120mm rear spacing
  • Double walled wheels
  • Flip-flop hub
  • Front and rear breaks
  • Free pedals
  • Steel frame
  • Alloy handlebar
What’s to like about Vilano Single Speed Road Bike?

This is an affordable fixie that is great for starters. It is stable, sturdy and quite comfortable. Tuning can be easily done on this bike which is great giving the fact that most riders love to accessorize their bicycles.

The assembly doesnt take long and it doesnt require additional tools. There are plenty of reasons to be pleased with this bike, giving its price and quality.

What’s not to like?

The seat of Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike is not comfortable if you are planning to ride for a long time. You could get a silicone thick bike seat, but it would be uncomfortable to take it on and off all the time.

This bike comes with great features and a low price, but it does not target advanced riders.

Final word

Its well-built frame and TIG welds are a big plus. Its design is also visually pleasant and the fact that it is lightweight contributes a lot to the overall customer satisfaction.

This bikes final score is 3.5 out of 5 based on more than 200 customer reviews.

4. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Bike

Takara Kabuto Best Single Speed Bike Reviews

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This bike from Takara comes in two sizes and two colors and is reasonably priced. It’s 54 and 57 cm sizes are suitable for almost all riders and the yellow/black and green/blue colors satisfy ridersneed for an outstanding design.

This bike is made of steel, weighs 37.2 pounds and has 700 x 32 inches tires. It is ideal for urban rides and its commuting features turn it into a good choice for freestyle riders.

This is what you will get when buying Takaras single speed bike:

  • Frame and fork are made of steel
  • Alloy rims
  • Flip/flop hub
  • Steel handlebar
  • Rear and front hub
  • Kenda 700 x 30 tires
  • 25.4 inches seat post
  • Cork bar tape
  • Pedals made of alloy
What’s to like about Takara Kabuto Single Speed Bike?

This high-quality single speed bike is an entry-level vehicle that comes at an affordable price. The great thing about this bike is that it is compatible with a variety of tires so in case you dont feel comfortable with the ones it has, you can easily replace them. This customer’s review says it all.

What’s not to like?

Unlike other similar bikes, this model doesnt come with an installation tool, which can be pretty annoying for those who dont own an Allen wrench and a head screw driver. The fact that you have to buy these tools separately while other manufacturers include them in the box is a big minus.

Final word

This is an impressive bike with a sturdy construction. It is lightweight and comfortable for newbies who want to ride in urban environments. The final score is 3.9 out of 5 based on more than 500 customer reviews, due to the lack of tools and several delivery issues.

5. Vilano Edge Single Speed Bike

Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Best Single Speed Bike Reviews

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Vilanos single speed bike comes in 3 sizes and 7 colors and is suitable for urban riders who are willing to pay a bit more. It has great aerodynamics, a padded handlebar and a 43mm wheel set. Buyers love this products design and characteristics, as well as the fact that it includes free pedals.

Heres why you should buy this single speed bike:

  • Flip/flop hub
  • Nicely designed frame
  • Is made of steel
  • Double walled wheels
  • Alloy brakes, handlebar and seat post
  • Feels sturdy
  • Is lightweight
  • Is fast
What’s to like about Vilano Edge Single Speed Bike?

This bike offers good value for your money. It has an urban design that attracts most riders and has all the qualities of a single speed bike. Its brakes are solid, its handlebar is taped, as well as its wheels. Although it is affordable, it does not look cheap.

What’s not to like?

Buyers dont really like the saddle of this bike. Most of them replace it once they get it, which is a big disadvantage.

Although most components look well-built, the tires are not that impressive. Other than that, this is a nice, fast bike.

Final word

This single speed model gets a final score of 4 out of 5 based on more than 100 comments. Its powerful features and sturdy frame make it look like a high-quality bike, its design is appealing, but its saddle and tires have let down a lot of buyers.

6. Vilano Rampage Speed Road Bike

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Best Single Speed Bike Reviews

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Another one of Vilanos single speed bikes comes to impress the public with its modern, sleek design and powerful colors. This is an urban bike with a nice, grey finish and orange wheel tape. Its tires are thin and suitable for rides in the city.

This is definitely a suitable fixie for women, individuals who care a lot about their bikes aspect and young people who adore modern, sleek designs. Its price is fair, but some parts could have been better.

These are the key features of the Vilano Rampage bike:

  • Flip/flop hub
  • 45mm wheels
  • 28c tires
  • Double walled wheel set
  • Includes free platform pedals
  • Is made of steel
What’s to like about Vilano Rampage Single Speed Road Bike?

Vilanos single speed bike comes in 6 sizes and 7 colors. This model is stylish and elegant thanks to its beautiful orange champagne combination and its brown saddle. Its construction looks sturdy and durable, although it only weighs 35.2 pounds. It is an amazing bicycle for beginners and it can be bought at an affordable price.

What’s not to like?

Unfortunately, this bike is not recommended for advanced riders or individuals with a very large body mass. Also, the manufacturer recommends that a certified professional should assemble the bike, which is not exactly handy for everyone.

Although the tires could be replaced, this is an entirely different investment and you have to think twice before doing it.

Final word

This single speed bike gains a lot of points thanks to its gorgeous design. It is great for beginners but still has some flaws that many buyers cant get over. Its final score is 3.8 out of 5 based on 60 customer comments.

7. Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

Takara Sugiyama Best Single Speed Bike Reviews

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A single speed bicycle as affordable as this one is definitely worth considering. This Takara model inspires sportsmen and cycling enthusiasts. Its unique design impresses through the color combination. This bike is available in 4 sizes and 3 colors, having differently colored wheels.

This bikes design isnt the only thing that impresses those who are looking to buy a single speed bike. It also aims high through its characteristics, although it is not a pros bike.

Heres what you will find to be appealing:

  • Front and rear breaks
  • Flip/flop hub included
  • 700c wheels
  • TIG welded frame and fork
  • Steel frame
  • 78.74 cm high
  • Weighs 36 pounds
  • Horizontal dropouts
  • 700 x 32 tires
What’s to like about Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike?

It is suitable for persons with no biking history, it is lightweight and comfortable while riding it. Its color scheme is amazingly attractive and mainly appeals those who are passionate about sports.

This bikes handlebar is equipped with comfortable grips and has reflectors on its pedals. The manufacturer put a lot of effort in this bikes design without hesitation. It is easy to assemble it and it only takes about half an hour.

What’s not to like?

Although the bike beats the competition from a visual perspective, its parts are not as sturdy as expected. Its brackets come off easily, but knowing this, dont try too hard to break it, because it will break eventually.

More than that, you have to be careful when assembling it, as the pedals can be too close to the front wheel. Return it if so.  Other than that, it is a decent product that is worth its money.

Final word

Takaras bike takes all the points for its design, but loses at sturdiness and quality of construction. Overall, it remains a good option for beginner riders. The final score is 3.5 out of 5 based on almost 150 customer comments.

Choosing from the Best Single Speed Bike Reviews

If you are new to cycling and you are looking to buy the best single speed bike, these models above are definitely suitable for your needs. They are affordable, easy to assemble, with a few exceptions, lightweight and require almost no maintenance.

Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose cheap bikes that can be upgraded over time or more expensive ones with great features.

In the event that you are an occasional biker and you want to invest as little as possible, then you should go for Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike or the Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike. on the other hand, if you are willing to invest a little more, Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike or the Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike could be the best models for you.

Why Ride a Single Speed Bike?

If you are looking to buy a new bike, you will surely be overwhelmed by the variety of models that are available on today’s market. The design is one thing, but the technology and gears that can be seen on most bikes are what confuses a lot of people.Best single speed bike Reviews

The main difference between single-speed bikes and multi-gear bikes is quite obvious. Multi-gear bikes have multiple speeds and can be adapted to the rider’s needs, while the other category only has one speed.

Although the general opinion is that single speed bikes are way too simple for this decade, riders have plenty of advantages when using such a simple, two-wheeled vehicle.

Single-speed bikes have only one gear, but they are anything but classic vehicles. Today’s manufacturers focus a lot on the design, delivering some of the most charming and practical bikes that are suitable for all ages and interests.

Why should you ride a single-speed bike

Single-speed bikes are inexpensive – there is a huge difference between the two categories when it comes to the price. So, if you have a tight budget, you can go for a trendy bike with one speed.Best single speed bike Reviews

They have fewer components – fewer parts mean less maintenance. Let’s not forget about this part, as some parts can be really expensive. Single-speed bikes are more affordable both on the short term and on the long term.

They are lightweight – the fact that they don’t have multiple gears makes single-speed bikes lighter, too. Less weight means more speed in most cases. Also, they are easier to carry around.

They are better for training – although single-speed bikes aren’t as versatile as multi-gear ones, they force you to exercise more often and more efficiently.

They are ideal for urban riding – the truth is that most people buy multi-gear bikes because they don’t know what is more suitable for their needs. If you are planning to use your bike for urban riding, you should know that you will rarely need more than one speed.

Why do people avoid single-speed bikes

First of all, they are not for everyone. Secondly, it depends on where you live. Single-speed bikes require some strength in many situations.single speed bike

It is difficult to go back to simplicity and basic things in today’s technological society where every innovation is meant to make life easier for you. This is one of the main reasons why most people prefer multi-gear bikes.

Nowadays, single-speed bikes are ideal for those who wish to experience the joy of simplicity. Individuals who like to be challenged from time to time often choose this bike category.

When bikes were first invented, their main purpose was to help people travel faster from point A to point B. Later on, it was discovered that riding a bike makes you healthier and helps you increase your life expectancy.

Today, it is cool to ride a single-speed bike. It is not only about getting to point B as fast as possible. It is also about exercising, having fun and looking good.

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