5 benefits of spin cycle

You love the idea of spinning but you are not sure whether you should choose this type of cardio work-out or not? In this case, this article will convince and you that there are unknown benefits of spin cycling. Although it seems just like a tiring, sometimes fun option, in reality it is so much more than that.

Regardless of the work-out routine we choose, it will always impact our health in a positive way. Except for the health benefits spin cycling brings into our lives, there are other outcomes that most people are not aware of.

How do spinning classes work?

Spinning classes are fun experiences that come with many surprises. Most classes last 45 to 60 minutes and are held by dynamic, proactive, incredibly energetic trainers that motivate their students to work-out correctly and efficiently. Loud music is always a part of the plan, as well as movements that imitate climbing, sprinting or relaxing cycling.spin-bike

Spin bikes have the ability to change resistance and speed, as well as one’s body position. During spinning classes, trainees can track burned calories, their heart activity and distance.

This type of work-out is not for everybody, as you are required to push yourself to the limits and work-out your entire body. A basic physical shape is recommended even for beginners, but once you have become acquainted with spinning, you will want it to be a part of your life forever.

5 benefits of indoor spinning
  1. Cardio endurance – regular classes can increase your cardio endurance considerably. Your cardiovascular system’s activity changes and contributes to your general wellbeing after just a few classes.

  2. Lower body shaping and strengthening – this is the perfect work-out for you if you are looking to lose weight, tone your muscles or strengthen your legs. Even though it is obvious that in time, your legs will start looking better and cellulite will slowly disappear in women, you should also know that your entire lower body benefits from this type of exercise.

  3. Stress relief – an intensive indoor sport such as this one is meant to help you improve your physical shape, as well as your state of mind. Although it is a known fact that all sports are good for your mental health, spinning actively contributes to the brain’s ability to release endorphins. More than that, the way a spinning class is held, entertained and filled up with a great deal of energy is what will help you feel the difference.

  4. Abdominal work-out – if you thought that spinning is only good for your legs, try touching your abs while cycling. These muscles are actively participating throughout the workout and you might notice that they are rock solid, too.

  5. You can work out without having to worry about your knee issues – indoor spinning is one of the low impact workouts that the world has known. While elliptical machines or the treadmill can be highly traumatic, spinning does not put pressure of your knees. Ask a doctor. Spinning is also recommended for people who suffer from arthritis and other joint pains.


Have you decided yet? If not, book the next spinning class at the nearest gym and see for yourself what the benefits of indoor spinning are. You will be surprised of the results.