The Best Punching Bag Workout

When analyzing their workout options, few people think about punching bag trainings and their benefits. In most people’s eyes, boxing is simply an aggressive sport that will leave you with bruises.The Best Punching Bag Workout

In reality, punching bag workouts prove to be extremely effective and have nothing to do with professional or amateur boxing.

Unlike the actual sport, this type of training does not require a partner. A punching bag suffices during the entire workout, but it is even better is a trainer or a mentor can guide you by standing by the heavy bag.

Why you should work out using a punching bag?

Few people know that there are plenty of punching bag workouts that prove to be effective in the weight loss process. Also, it is good for muscle strengthening and mood improvement.

More than that, punching bag workouts are great cardio routines that can help both men and women boost their immune system and increase their metabolic rate.

Most individuals who have become fans of this training type also rely on it for stress decrease. The punching bag is the perfect candidate that will take punches without being hurt when your rage is almost incontrollable.

Punching bags help you burn a lot of calories, build your stamina, consume your energy and shape your body. Not to mention that, with the help of a mentor, you can learn self-defense techniques, too.

What is the best punching bag workout?

First of all, make sure that you have all the required equipment before starting to hit a punching bag. At first, a pair of boxing gloves and suitable footwear should suffice.The Best Punching Bag Workout

It is difficult to choose the best workout in this category, as it all depends on your strength, stamina, body weight and techniques. However, here’s a punching bag workout that is suitable for almost everyone:

  • 5 low kicks with the right leg
  • 5 high kicks with the right leg
  • 5 low-kicks with the left leg
  • 5 high kicks with the left leg
  • 20 straight punches with both hands, alternating right and left hand
  • 5 left hooks
  • 5 right hooks
  • 5 knee strikes, alternating the right and left knee

It is important to try not to make any breaks between the exercises. After the last knee strike you are allowed to rest and if you feel capable to continue, you can start over.

The Best Punching Bag WorkoutIf you are a beginner, one round is enough for you to get accustomed with the training.

If your level is intermediate or advanced, you should do a full training that is comprised of 5 rounds.  

A proper warm-up is recommended for increased resistance. Jumping rope exercises, stretching and running and ideal before beginning your daily punching bag workout.  

Punching bag workouts are great for those who want to keep fit, to improve their strength, their coordination and the stability of their core. Boxing enthusiasts can train using a punching bag to improve their boxing technique.

The great thing about this training type is that it can be performed at minimal costs, using minimal equipment, unlike other sports. It can be performed at the gym or in the comfort of your own home.