Doorway Pull-up Bar

How to Set up Doorway Pull-up Bar

How badly do you want to shape your muscles, to become more powerful every day and to improve your stamina? Do you want it so badly that you would even take the gym home with you?Doorway Pull-up Bar

If you want it bad enough, then this article will be of help, as you will learn how to install a pull-up bar in the comfort of your own home. This way, you will be able to train even when you don’t have the time to hit the gym or when you feel too tired to do a full workout.

Pull-ups and chin-ups are exercises that help you develop amazing muscles in almost no time. Your arms, shoulders, back, abs and even legs can be beautifully shaped using nothing but a doorway pull-up bar.

There are a variety of exercises you can do at home, in any part of the day that will turn you into a fit person. All you have to do is install a pull-up bar at home and start training.

How to set up a doorway pull up bar at home?

If you want to install a pull-up bar in your home, you can choose between two types. The first is permanent, which doesn’t mean that you can’t remove it, but you will have to unmount it from doors, walls or ceilings. The second type is removable, which means that you don’t have to drill into your doorways. This type is easier to install, but not so durable.

When deciding to install a pull-up bar the first step is to choose which type you need. If you decide to go with the removable type, the installation process is easy and won’t give you headaches. All you have to do is install two brackets that will hold it properly or place it on top of the door frame.

If you want a permanent one, the process is a bit more complicated, as you have to keep in mind a variety of factors that will influence both its stability and durability and your performance.

Here’s the requisite you will need:

  • Pull-up bar package (includes attachment and installation accessories)
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Drill

So far, so good! Follow the next steps to get your pull-up bar properly installed:

  1. Find a doorway that has a sturdy construction, preferably not near the corner of the roomDoorway Pull-up Bar
  2. Put the pull-up bar together if it came in pieces, just to be make sure that you know what it must look like when the installation is done
  3. Measure and drill holes for the brackets
  4. Insert the wall plugs if necessary
  5. Install the brackets using the drill and bolts
  6. Tighten up the screws and make sure the brackets are stable
  7. Install the crossbar
  8. Test the bar using a chair and your body weight
  9. Retighten screws if necessary

There it is! You have installed your pull-up / chin-up bar fast and easy.


How many types of pull-up bars are there?

It is important to pay attention to the pull-up bar model you buy, as they aren’t all the same. Some are designed for ceilings and walls and some for doorways. Also, there are different sizes and models and some might not fit your door frame.

Make sure that you know the measurements of your door before buying the pull-up bar.

Here are the main pull-up bars on the market:

  • Over-the-door bars
  • Telescopic bars
  • Wall-mounted bars
  • Ceiling pull-up bars
  • Standing pull-up bars (power tower)


What are the exercises you can do with a doorway pull-up bar?

The more you think about exercising with your pull-up bar, the more options will come to mind. There are plenty of ideas that can be put in practice when it comes to new challenges.

The most basic exercises one can do using a pull-up bar are the chin-ups, the pull-ups, the knee raises and the leg raises. You can diversify in plenty of ways by working on your grip and body position.

First, you must build the strength you need to perform new exercises every day.

Then, you can try a variety of workouts that include climber pull-ups, behind neck pull-ups, sternum chin-ups, negative pull-ups, resistance band pull-ups, reverse grip pull-ups and what not.

You can alternate with rope jumping, dips or push-ups to diversify your workout even more. There are no limits to what you can do when you have a pull-up bar in your home.

All you need is the motivation and a little time.

What are the benefits of the pull-up bar exercises?

Pull-ups have been used as a training method since the ancient times. They trigger plenty of muscle groups and help you develop an evenly grown upper body with nice shapes and healthy muscles.

Pull-up workouts are not as boring as it might look like. Many fitness experts prefer to build a cardio routine around a power tower or a pull-up bar than to use a treadmill, a stationary bike or a Doorway Pull-up Barstepper.

The main benefits of a pull-up bar workout routine are the following:

  • The entire upper body is properly trained
  • The intensity of the workout can be increased over time by doing more and more repetitions
  • There are many variations of pull-ups that one can try, so getting bored is almost impossible
  • Trainees get to lose fat and strengthen their grip


By now, you should be convinced that having a pull-up bar installed in your own home is useful, practical and very convenient. It occupies little space and doesn’t bother other family members, as it is positioned near the ceiling.

If you’re not convinced yet, you should at least give pull-ups a try. You can always go to the gym and see for yourself how your muscles react to these exercises. Also, you can talk to a professional trainer that can guide you through the process and indicate the most important benefits you can draw from working out this way.

Have fun while building an amazing body!