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Are aero road bikes worth it?

aero road bikes

There are several types of bikes available on today’s market, each designed for a different purpose. Although there are people who choose to buy some bike models just for the fun of it, most of the models are being designed in a particular way in order to give the rider various advantages. Today’s article discusses the value of an aero road bike, from a financial and a technical point of view.

Aero road bikes have been long discussed during the past years, as they are known to be faster than regular road bikes or light bikes. The question here is: is an aero bike actually faster? And if not, is it worth the money?

How is an aero road bike any different than regular bikes?

Aero bikes are aerodynamic two-wheeled vehicles that are meant to help ridvelocite-heliose faster, using various designs and technology. The main purpose of bike manufacturers is to reduce the aerodynamic drag of both the bicycle and the rider. Aerobars and handlebars are the two most important components that all manufacturers focus on when building aero bikes.

There are some slight differences that most people would not even notice when looking at different bikes, but they are extremely important during cycling competitions. For example, the difference between a road bike and an aero bike is that the handle bar does not curve down in aero bikes, as they do in road bikes. The aero bar is present on an aero bike and it is an extra bar that attaches to the main one, in order to offer the rider’s arms a stable position.

Moreover, aero bikes have higher gearing, disk wheels and shorter top tube.

Is an aero road bike worth it?

Many experiments have been conducted in order to determine whether an aero bike is faster than a regular road bike. But to be able to tell this, one should have the exact same body
position, as this is one of the factors that can slow down a rider. Conducting such experiments has led sportsmen to the conclusion that Custom aero bikeaerodynamics is not a myth and can actually help a cycling competitor ride faster.

The question whether or not an aero bike is worth the money depends on its purpose of use. If you are looking for a competition bike, it is worth investing in your success. On the other hand, if you are planning to use it for Sunday rides or to have fun with your family, maybe the investment is not worth it.

As all advanced two-wheeled vehicles are easier and more comfortable to ride, you will probably be tempted to pay more even though you know you don’t really need this kind of technology. If you are an experienced rider who does not participate to competitions but does love to have a great experience while riding the bike daily, aero bikes might be a great option for you. However, remember that these are not city bikes and riding them without proper clothing is not that comfortable.