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Best Mini Stepper Reviews: Top 7 for 2020

Mini steppers offer a slightly different level of workout to traditional stepping machines. While the cardio-related portions of the exercise may be a little reduced when using a mini stepper, this is more than made up for by the fact that they are extremely portable and can thus be taken anywhere. This allows for you to conduct a workout no matter where you may happen to be in the world. Before we take a look at the best mini stepper reviews, lets examine what they bring to the table on a general level.

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Stamina In-Motion Elliptical TrainerStamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer4.0/ 5$$Click Here!
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Sunny Health & Fitness Twister StepperSunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper4.3/ 5$$Click Here!
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Duro-Med Mini Stepper ExerciserDuro-Med Mini Stepper Exerciser3.6/ 5$$Click Here!
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Phoenix 99120 Mini Stepper PlusPhoenix 99120 Mini Stepper Plus3.7/ 5$$Click Here!
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Air Stair Climber StepperAir Stair Climber Stepper4.2/ 5$$Click Here!
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Stamina InStride Electronic StepperStamina InStride Electronic Stepper4.1/ 5$$Click Here!
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Burning Calories

Mini StepperStep machines of all types have become popular because they allow the user to burn calories at a fairly high rate. Better yet, because a mini stepper can be used practically anywhere, it is possible to burn calories even when you are doing more sedentary activities. For example, you can use the machine when you are working in the office or watching TV, with minimal interruption to the activity you are focusing on. They are reputed to be able to help you burn 100 calories per hour of use.


The ability to tone existing muscle is also a major plus point for mini steppers, as they offer a fairly low resistance workout that can be used to complement more rigorous training at the gym. While you wont get the toning depth that regular walking will be able to offer, they are still great for carrying out little workouts when you spend a lot of time seated.

Aerobic Exercising

Mini steppers offer a form of aerobic exercise, which has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and boost the immune system. This leads to an overall feeling of general wellbeing, without having to head to the gym every time you want to get your body active.

Now that you have an idea of what mini steppers have to offer, its time to take a look at some of the top examples on the market.

Best Mini Stepper Reviews for 2020

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper

Sunny Health & Fitness Best Mini Stepper Reviews

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Sunny has quickly built a reputation for manufacturing some fine mini steppers, with this option offering all of the basics while also coming with a handy set of resistance bands. This allows you to adjust the difficulty of your steps, making it a good choice for novices who want a machine that will develop along with them.

Furthermore, the resistance bands also allow you to conduct an upper body workout, as you determine the level of resistance you face. That allows for a more complete workout, though its likely not something that you are going to be able to do while youre in the office.

  • Offers a low-impact aerobic workout that is great for beginners.
  • Ships with resistance bands to offer more workout options.
  • An LCD computer is able to track your workout and offer feedback.
  • Able to offer an upper body workout.
  • Anti-slip foot plates ensure your feet stay in position at all times.
What’s To Like about Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper

This mini stepper has been praised by many users for offering a good solution for an affordable price. This means that it is a good choice for people who are new to these types of machines and are less concerned with the additional items that come with it. Its portability also received a lot of praise, with many being happy about how easy it is to store.

What’s Not To Like

There have been a number of reviews that have taken issue with the quality of the resistance bands offered with the product. Some people claim that the connectors break easily or have arrived damage. There has also been some feedback to suggest that the LCD screen is not as reliable as some would like.

The Final Word

This is an excellent choice for beginners who want a mini stepper that is well-built and offers all of the basics. It currently has a 4.4 out of 5, demonstrating that most people have been satisfied with the purchase. However, if you are looking for additional features there is some feedback to suggest you may be better served looking elsewhere.

2. Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Best Mini Stepper Reviews

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This mini stepper claims that it offers a similar workout to jogging, without the user running the risk of the injuries that traditional come along with such a high-impact exercise. The machine should find a home under your desk or anywhere in the house, but the company also claims that it can be popular for gym users as well.

Furthermore, the product is made using steel, with the intention of creating a stepper that can stand up to a lot of use. However, you should also be aware that the product does not come pre-assembled, so you may have to spend a little bit of time fiddling around with it before you can get it set up.

  • The stepper is compact and easy to store when not in use.
  • Features handy grips that keep your feet in place during the workout.
  • Designed to offer a low impact workout that burns calories and protects your body.
  • Made using solid steel for durability.
  • Can be used in both a seated and standing position, assuming you have proper support when standing.
What’s To Like about Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical movement of the stepper itself has been praised because it is easy on the ankles and seems to support the companys claims that the stepper can be used without risk of injury. Its small size is also a positive, both in terms of use and the fact that it can be stored easily.

What’s Not To Like

Some users have claimed that the product is not designed with tall people in mind, as they may find it difficult to complete rotations due to a limited movement range. Others have questions the durability of the product, with some claiming that theirs have broken down after only a few months of use.

The Final Word

The product seems to be a good fit for those who are looking for a low impact workout, making it an excellent choice for those who have suffered injuries caused by jogging in the past. Just be aware that it is fairly small, which may be a hindrance to taller people. It currently carries a 4 out of 5 rating from more than hundreds of reviews.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Best Mini Stepper Reviews

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The second mini stepper produced by Sunny to make this list is a little different to the first due to the fact that it offers a twisting motion that alters the workout. This means that it may be a better choice for people who are experienced with these types of machines and are looking for a new challenge.

The machine offers a slightly more versatile and intense cardiovascular workout than traditional steppers, though this is still more than manageable for people who want to use it at home or in the office. It is important to note that it is not made for commercial use, so it should not be purchased for a gym.

  • Features an LCD screen that keeps track of your entire workout.
  • Advertised itself as a portable elliptical machine with options regarding resistance.
  • Tones thighs and buttocks while also burning calories.
  • Comes with exercise bands that can be used to exercise the upper body.
  • A good steel construction means that it is a heavy duty piece of kit.
What’s To Like about Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

A lot of reviews have praised this stepper for its effectiveness when it comes to fat burning, with some putting this down to the elliptical motion offering a stronger workout. The exercise bands have also been praised for allowing users to up the resistance offered by the workout.

What’s Not To Like

The mini stepper has come under some criticism for the quality of the clips used to connect the exercise bands, with a few users claiming they have broken with little in the way of pressure. Furthermore, while the outer shell of the machine is sturdy, some have commented that the internal components are weaker than they should be.

The Final Word

This mini stepper offers a more intense workout than Sunnys other offering, while still offering the exercise bands and LCD screen that many people find useful. It currently has a 4.3 out of 5 rating, with most negative feedback seeming to be centered on the quality of some of the components rather than the workout itself.

4. Duro-Med Mini Stepper Exerciser

Duro-Med Mini Best Mini Stepper Reviews

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This mini stepper takes a back to basics approach in regards to what it offers, in much the same way as Sunnys standard mini stepper. It is intended for use by people who want to enjoy a light, low-impact workout while also shedding a few pounds when they are relaxing or bust working at the office.

It does, however, feature adjustable resistance that doesnt require the use of straps and is capable of supporting a weight of up to 250lbs. The digital monitor is also useful when it comes to tracking workouts, though you may find that the batteries need replacing on a fairly regular basis.

  • Comes completely assembled, so you dont have to waste time before use.
  • Has a compact design that makes it extremely portable.
  • Comes with a built-in monitor that requires 2 AA batteries, which are included.
  • Heavy gauge steel has been used in its construction.
  • A good choice for those looking for a low impact workout.
What’s To Like about Duro-Med Mini Stepper Exerciser

The general build quality of the machine has received some praise, with many users being happy with the amount of use that they have gotten out of their mini stepper. Furthermore, the customer service offered by the company is of a high quality and responses to queries are dealt with promptly.

What’s Not To Like

A number of users have taken umbrage to the machine developing a squeaking noise that can make it irritating to use when youre watching a movie or trying to concentrate on office work. The quality of the tension knob has also received a little criticism, which may cause issues when you want to change the resistance.

The Final Word

The Duro-Med Mini Stepper currently has a 3.6 out of 5 rating, which demonstrates that users are still uncertain about its overall quality. While the general build is good and the adjustable resistance options have been praised, some have pointed out issues in regards to noise and component quality that may irk some people.

5. Phoenix 99120 Mini Stepper Plus

Phoenix 99120 Best Mini Stepper Reviews

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Much like the mini steppers provided by Sunny, this machine comes with a set of resistance cords that can be used to provide an upper body workout in addition to making the lower body portion more intense. It also boasts extremely quiet operation, which should make it perfect for use in the office when those around you are trying to concentrate.

Phoenix as a company have also been involved in the health and fitness industry since the early 2000s, and have established something of a reputation as a provider of quality products.

  • Features a pair of resistance cables that allows you to work both the upper and lower body.
  • The frame has a 2 year warranty in case you run into any issues.
  • An electronic monitor is included so that you can track your workouts.
  • Both steps include a grip, so your feet dont slip.
  • The internal components also come with a 90 day manufacturers warranty.
What’s To Like about Phoenix 99120 Mini Stepper

The machine has been praised for its ability to alleviate the stiffness that office workers can experience after spending a lot of time at their desk. A number of people have also expressed satisfaction regarding the amount of time that the mini stepper has lasted through constant use.

What’s Not To Like

Despite the many positive reviews praising the machine for its build quality, a number of reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction over the machine breaking early into use. In these cases it is important to remember that the mini stepper does come with a warranty so you will be entitled to a replacement in many cases.

The Final Word

Overall feelings about this mini stepper seem to be mixed. It has achieved a 3.7 out of 5 rating from those who have used it, with mixed reactions regarding the build quality of the machine. It may be a good choice for beginners, but those who need a more intense workout should consider looking elsewhere.

6. Air Stair Climber Stepper

Air Stair Climber Best Mini Stepper Reviews

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As the name implies, this mini stepper aims to imitate the feeling of climbing stairs, thus offering a slightly more intense workout than some other models. It offers a low impact workout that allows for protection against some of the common injuries that can occur when walking or jogging.

Furthermore, the company have placed convenience fairly high on their list of priorities. As such, the stepper arrives pre-assembled, which means you can simply unpack it and start using straight away. A pair of wide pedals also cater for people of varying foot sizes and shapes, making it a versatile machine.

  • Comes with resistance bands so that you can get a full body workout.
  • Able to withstand weights up to 220lbs.
  • Both the pedals and the machine itself incorporate grips to ensure the machine doesnt slip under heavy use.
  • An in-built computer measures a number of vital statistics relating to your workouts.
  • It is extremely light weight, which makes it very easy to move around.
What’s To Like about Air Stair Climber Stepper

Feedback about the product has been fairly limited, with it only having a single review thus far. However, that review states that it works excellently and that the machine offers everything that it claims to offer.

What’s Not To Like

The fact that there are so few reviews for the machine may be a cause of concern for many people, as there is currently no balanced consensus on how well the machine stands up to repeated use over a number of months. As such, a purchase may involve a little bit of risk so it might be worth waiting to see what other users have to say.

The Final Word

Though the product currently has a perfect 5 out of 5 rating, it is important to note that this comes from a single review so it is worth waiting a little to see what the feedback is in a few monthstime. However, the machine does seem to be capable of offering a good workout, particularly when combined with the resistance bands that are included in the package.

7. Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper

Stamina InStride Electronic Best Mini Stepper Reviews

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Our final machine is another one of Staminas products, only this time it is for straight steppers rather than those that are looking for a little bit of a twist on their workout. The machine is also extremely portable, with Stamina going out of their way to advertise that it takes up only 192 square inches of space.

Despite its fairly small stature, the machine is still able to offer a solid workout that should satisfy most people, particularly those who are new to mini steppers and are just looking for something to help them get their feet wet.

  • Very small, making it extremely portable.
  • Handy grips on the pedals ensure your feet dont slip when in use.
  • Comes with a computerized monitor that tracks your progress.
  • Ideal for boosting cardio thanks to the constant stepping motion.
  • Weighs only 20lbs but is able to withstand weight up to 250lbs.
What’s To Like about Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper

The build quality of this mini stepper has received some praise, with a number of users expressing satisfaction about how it has lasted for six months or more through intense use. Its small size has also been praised, with many people happy about how flexible this makes the product and the range of storage options it allows.

What’s Not To Like

A number of users have commented that the machine develops a squeaking sound after it has been used for a while, though this can often be remedied through the application of a lubricant. The components have also come under some criticism, though customer service was still highlighted as being of a high quality.

The Final Word

This is a decent mini stepper for those who want to try these sorts of machines out without getting too complex when it comes to extra resistance or twisting motion. It has achieved a 3.6 out of 5 rating from about 100 reviews, indicating a fairly high quality. Just be aware that some of the internal components may not be of the standard that you would expect.

Choosing from the Best Mini Stepper Reviews

The biggest issue that you need to face when purchasing a mini stepper is the products overall build quality. Luckily, most of the machines on this list can last the distance, though it is not unheard of for some of them to experience issues.

For our recommendations we believe the Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands and Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper are the best products, both in terms of straight and elliptical stepping. The Air Stair Climber Stepper has received the best mini stepper reviews, but hasnt been examined by enough people to give it a full recommendation.

Can You Get a Good Workout From a Mini Stepper?

The mini stepper is a fitness equipment that imitates stair climbing motions. It is great for leg strengthening and weight loss, but it is, obviously, not as effective as larger steppers.stepper-aerobic-acasa-4

The great thing about mini steppers is that they are portable, they are suitable for both home and gym use and they can be brought at work, too.

Studies have shown that by using a mini stepper while sitting down at your desk you can burn 100 calories per hour. This means that individuals who are forced to sit down for long hours while working still have a chance to beat sedentism.

The most frequently asked question about mini steppers refers to their ability to provide a good workout. Although it depends on how a person uses this equipment, the answer is, in most cases, yes.

What body parts does a mini stepper trigger?

Mini steppers mainly trigger the leg muscles, but they are also incredibly helpful for your heart activity and lungs. In time, the intense use of mini steppers can lead to weight loss and muscle toning.

Also, a person who uses a mini stepper regularly will surely benefit from the immune system boost.

If you feel that your sedentary life makes you unhealthy, but at the same time, you barely have time to eat and meet up with your friends once in a while, this equipment can be extremely useful.

It can be used while working, reading or relaxing and can be used as your main daily workout equipment.

Can a mini stepper get you a good workout?

A mini stepper can be used in many ways. Yes, it can get you a good daily workout, but it depends on how motivated you are to plan and follow a regular routine.

You can use the mini stepper while sitting or standing. If you want to train more than just your calves and quadriceps, then you should exercise standing. This way, you can also train your glutes.Best Mini Stepper Reviews

In order to get the best out of your stepper workout, you should spend between 150 and 300 minutes doing cardio exercises. Combining it with swimming or running is extremely beneficial for your body and can help you achieve the results you want in a shorter period of time.

When exercising on your mini stepper, you can either climb at your own pace or try to do an interval training.

If you want to increase your resistance or lose weight, climb quickly for as long as you can, use light weights during your training or use resistance bands. It will not be as easy as climbing at your own pace, but it is way more effective and helps you burn more calories.

When you begin to feel in control, try to push yourself in order to reach higher limits. Try a more difficult interval training that you can personalize, add some more weights or simply climb for a longer period of time.

The mini stepper can be used in a variety of situations, can help you monitor your activity and some models are even adjustable. Regardless of the purpose of use, this equipment will help you become healthier.

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