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Best Punching Bag Reviews: Top 7 for 2020

The punching bag is a common piece of gym equipment that can be found anywhere that boxers are trained. Furthermore, people who are serious about the sport are likely to have one of the Best Punching Bags installed in their home, allowing them to practice whenever they see fit.

They are most commonly cylindrical bags that are hung from the ceiling and are filled with a material that is intended to provide resistance against your fists. The harder the bag, the harder you need to hit it to have any effect on it.

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The History of Punching Bags

Best Punching Bag Punching bags have a history that stretches back as far as humans have recorded information about military battles. Despite their prevalence in boxing, variations on the basic design have also been used for a wide variety of martial arts. Their purpose is to provide a means for people to practice their striking techniques, allowing them to constant repeat what they have been taught.

This allows for the development of power, which can be further aided by using a heavier punching bag as you improve.


Apart from the traditional cylindrical bag that most people will already be aware of, there are a number of other types of punching bag that can be purchased. For example, speed bags are focused on increasing hand speed, hand-eye coordination and endurance. By contrast, uppercut bags are used to practice low punches and uppercuts, which are difficult to train using a standard bag.


While it can be tempting to think that anybody can start using a punching bag without any issues, it is important to undergo training on how to punch properly before you do. You will need to have the right posture in addition to a pair of gloves to protect your hands, particularly if you will be punching a heavier bag.

Failure to take these precautions into account could lead to you sustaining injuries to your hands.

There are many different punching bags available, so here we will be taking a look at seven of the best to see which one you should consider purchasing.There are many different punching bags available, so here we will be taking a look at seven of the best to see which one you should consider purchasing.

Best Punching Bag Reviews for 2020

1. Outslayer 100lbs Heavy Bag

Outslayer 100lbs Heavy Best Punching Bag

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Outslayer has quickly gained a reputation in the market and they make some solid punching bags that should always be considered by a new buyer. While this bag is advertised as being 100lbs, it can actually be adjusted so you can add more weight to it, up to a limit of 300lbs. This makes it ideal for novices who want a bag that can be made heavier as they improve.

Instead of using chains, the bag comes with heavy duty straps that are capable of handling the weight of the bag at full capacity. It is also available in a range of colors on request, meaning you get a level of customization that may be desirable if you want the bag to fit a certain theme in the home.

  • Comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring that it will be long-lasting.
  • Has a 55-inch body length, which is ideal for a range of punches.
  • Comes at a standard weight of 100lbs, which can be adjusted if needed.
  • Approximately 14 inches in diameter, so you can train the accuracy of your strikes.
  • A variety of customization options are available upon request.
What’s To Like about the Outslayer 100 Pound Bag

The feedback related to the quality of the bag has been phenomenal, with many people praising the fact that cloth is used to fill the bag, instead of sand. Furthermore, the construction of the bag itself has been praised, with a number of reviewers speaking positively about its heavy-duty feel and the 10-year warranty that comes with it.

What’s Not To Like

Negative feedback has been minimal, but at least one user has claimed that the bag starts to get soft in areas that are punched on a regular basis. This can cause injuries if it is a regular issue, but it is not one that has been commented on by the majority of reviewers. Some customers also claimed that the company promises free hand wraps to people who leave them a high rating, though this practice hasnt been verified.

Final Word

This is a contender for best punching bag based on feedback alone, as it has received a 4.9 out of 5 rating. Its durability and the fact that you can adjust the weight are major plus points for people who want a bag that will last for a very long time.

2. Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag

Outslayer Muay Thai Best Punching Bag

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Outslayer is back again with a punching bag that is slightly more specialized that the offering we looked at previously. This bag is intended for use by Muay Thai practitioners, but that doesnt mean it can also be used by boxers or other martial artists.

Like other Outslayer punching bags, it is advertised as being extremely durable. The company backs this claim up by offering its standard 10-year warranty on the bag, which means it is going to be a real challenge to split it open and, if you do, the odds are pretty high that you will be covered.

  • The bag is 6 feet tall, not including the straps used for hanging.
  • 130lbs in weight, with a 300lbs capacity that you can take advantage of if needed.
  • Comes complete with a 10-year warranty to protect against damage.
  • Features a D-Ring that can be used to secure the bag to the floor.
  • The bag is ready to use as soon as it arrives.
What’s To Like about the Outslayer Muay Bag

Once again, Outslayer is praised for the quality of their bags, the material used and the fact that they come with such a long warranty by many users. A number of other commenters enjoy the fact that the weight can be adjusted from the standard 130lbs, with some going so far as to use materials from older bags to get exactly what they are looking for.

What’s Not To Like

Negative feedback has been minimal to say the least. Amongst the very few bad points, we can find is that the zipper at the top of the bag can make it a little difficult to fill, but this is a minor niggle at best.

The Final Word

If you were impressed by the performance of the previous Outslayer bag, their Muay Thai edition seems to have received an even more positive critical reception. It is currently listed as having a perfect 5 out of 5 average, with only 3 reviews slipping below 5 stars and none going below 4.

3. Everlast 4004 Heavy Bag

Everlast 4004 Traditional Heavy Best Punching Bag

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Everlast has been a big name in boxing for almost as long as the sport has been regulated, so it is no surprise that one of their heavy bags is up for consideration for the title of the best punching bag. The company has been synonymous with boxing since the early 20th century when their equipment was used by heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey when he was training.

It should come as no surprise that this Everlast bag is advertised as being extremely durable. After all, that is the point of the name in the first place. It is also fairly light when compared to other bags on the market, which may make it a good choice for novices or those who dont mind a lot of movement in the bag when they hit it.

  • Features a strong, Nevatear construction that ensures the bag can take some punishment.
  • The bag is 40lbs in weight.
  • Comes complete with all of the hardware you will need to hang the bag and start using it.
  • The bag has no zipper pull, ensuring the filling cant be removed.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
What’s To Like about the Everlast 4004

The bag has received praise from beginners for its fairly light weight, with many also pointing out that the company makes heavier varieties for those who want more resistance. It is also considered good for a solid workout, or as a simple stress reliever that you can lay a few punches into when youre having a bad day.

What’s Not To Like

The build quality has been disputed in some reviews, with a few commenters stating that their bag split after fairly minimal use. Furthermore, experienced boxers have stated that it is probably a good idea to look into a heavier bag if you want a more intense workout, as this may not be able to stand up to the damage you can output.

The Final Word

The Everlast 4004 Traditional Heavy Bag is possibly the best punching bag on the market for novices and those who just want a quick workout, but those who have developed their punching power may be better advised to look elsewhere. Still, it currently carries a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

4. Outslayer 80lb Punching Bag

Outslayer 80lb Best Punching Bag

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Outslayer offers a variety of bags in different weights, with their 80lbs bag proving to be quite popular alongside the heavier varieties. Much like their other bags on this list, this one has a 300lbs capacity, so it can be filled with additional material if you want to make it a little heavier.

The bag is manufactured in the USA and is designed to do away with the issues that you may experience with cheaper examples. That means there should be no clumping of materials or creation of hard spots that can cause damage to your hands it you connect with them when punching.

  • Comes with a 10-year warranty, like all of Outslayers products.
  • Ships completely filled, so you just need to set-up and start punching.
  • Weighs 80lbs as standard, with the capacity to hold more weight.
  • Ships in a reusable vinyl cover.
  • Available with a range of customization options, such as color and optional D-Ring.
What’s To Like about the Outslayer 80# Bag

Like most of the other products released by the company, this bag has received an overwhelmingly positive response. The quality of the materials that have been used in its construction and the customer service offered by the company are commended as being exemplary.

What’s Not To Like

Like with the other Outslayer products, there has been little in the way of a negative response to the bag. The worst that can be found is that the product merely meets high expectations, rather than exceeding them.

The Final Word

Outslayer seems almost completely unable to do anything wrong with their range of bags, with the feedback garnered so far marking them out as the best punching bag manufacturer on the market. This bag is ideal for those who want a decent workout and is suitable for boxers and martial artists. It also carries a perfect 5 out of 5 average rating.

5. Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Bag

Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Best Punching Bag

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Everlasts second offering on the list is a little bit heavier than their 40lb bag, which is good news for those who really want to lay their punches into it. It is also more customizable than most of the bags on the list, featuring adjustable set-up options that allow the bag to be used by people of all heights.

The company has aimed to make the bag as durable as possible while also including a filler material that doesnt bunch up and is thus completely safe on the hands. The price is also reasonable, as it can be purchased for a little over $50.

  • Made using premium synthetic leather with webbing that ensures durability.
  • A double-ended attachment option allows for the creation of greater resistance.
  • Adjustable straps make the bag usable for people of all heights.
  • Poly canvas us used in the construction of the shell.
  • Features a specially blended filler material.
What’s To Like about the Everlast 70# Bag

Users have praised the material that has been used to fill the bag, with many commenting that it has not become lopsided or shifted after extensive punching. The adjustable nature of the straps has also received praise for making the bag more versatile.

What’s Not To Like

The hardware used to hang the bag has come under some criticism, with one user claiming that the clips used to adjust the bags height are fairly weak. Some others have also claimed that the straps begin to fray after a few months of use.

The Final Word

This offering from Everlast certainly outperforms their 40lb bag, receiving a 4.7 out of 5 rating in the process. It is amongst the more versatile bags on the list thus can be great for younger people who are still growing and need a bag that can be adjusted as they get older.

6. Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag

Outslayer Muay Thai Best Punching Bag

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Unlike the other Outslayer bags on this list, this Muay Thai bag ships completely unfilled, so you will be responsible for putting it all together before you can get into your workouts. This makes it a little less accessible than some of their other offerings, but the trademark construction quality is certainly still there.

The bag is advertised as having a 150lbs capacity, but the material is capable of holding up to 300lbs if needed. As usual, it also comes with the 10-year warranty that makes Outslayers products such an attractive prospect for many people, but you dont get the pre-installed filling that has been praised for its quality in the companys other bags.

  • Ships completely unfilled, so you will need to handle this yourself.
  • Has a D-Ring attached so no extra straps are required.
  • Specially designed for professional use.
  • Made using long-lasting vinyl material.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty that protects you from unexpected damage.
What’s To Like about the Outslayer Muay Thai

The build quality of the bag has been praised extensively, as we have come to expect from Outslayer. Furthermore, the straps that are used to hold the bag in place have also been praised due to their strength and flexibility.

What’s Not To Like

The fact that the bag arrives unfilled has been an issue for some, particularly those who have struggled with the zipper used to open the bag. In fact, the position of said zipper has come under criticism for making the bag a little more difficult to fill.

The Final Word

This punching bag is built to an exceptionally high quality, but those who just want something that they can mount and start working with straight away are best advised to look at Outslayers other offerings. Still, quality always shines through and it currently carries a 4.7 out of 5 rating.

7. Everlast Nevatear Heavy Bag

Everlast Nevatear Heavy Best Punching Bag

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Making use of Everlasts patented Nevatear technology, this bag is intended to be durable enough to withstand heavy doses of punishment, making it an interesting option for those who are really looking to develop their punching power.

The bag weighs 80lbs as standard, which means that it offers a good level of resistance to punches without feeling too heavy on the hands. This makes it great as a bag that can be installed at home and used for quick workouts while still being useful for people training specifically in boxing or the martial arts.

  • Comes with all of the required hardware for hanging the bag safely.
  • Made using Everlasts own Nevatear technology for enhanced durability.
  • The bag is 80lbs in weight.
  • The bag cannot be opened, so the weight is not adjustable.
  • Uses a specially blended filler that is designed to absorb heavy duty impacts.
What’s To Like about the Everlast Nevatear

The bags overall toughness has received praise, with a number of users commenting on how it has been able to withstand the punishment that has put other punching bags out of commission. The distribution of the filling has also been praised, with one review going as far as to claim that it is perfect.

What’s Not To Like

Despite receiving praise for the filling distribution by many, some users have found that their bags are not filled evenly, which caused issues in use. Furthermore, some have complained about receiving a bag that has previously been opened, though this seems to be a very minor issue.

The Final Word

Having received a 4.6 out of 5 rating, the general consensus is that this bag is great for home workouts and is durable in the majority of cases. However, if you are purchasing it for professional use you may want to consider something a little bit heavier, as some hitters have claimed the construction of the bag isnt as good as claimed.

Choosing from the Best Punching Bag Reviews

It is hard to argue with the feedback from users, which almost unanimously shows that Outslayers offerings are amongst the best on the market. Perfect 5 out of 5 average scores are rare to come by, but two of the bags on this list managed to achieve them.

As such, if youre looking for the best punching bag, Outslayers 80lb Punching Bag and their pre-filled Muay Thai bag should be high on your list. For versatility, it may be worth checking out the Everlast 70lb Poly Canvas Bag due to its adjustability.

How to Get a Good Workout with the Best Punching Bag

It is not exactly easy to find the most suitable workout for your needs. You might want to lose weight, grow your muscles, become more powerful or keep in shape. Either way, you must try several activities out in order to understand which one is better for you.

Best Punching Bag Reviews

If you are looking for a cardio workout that will help you do all those things, then heavy bag workouts might be just perfect for you.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a fighter in order to find this workout type helpful and enjoyable.  

Punching bag trainings come with a variety of benefits that will not only help you increase your endurance levels, but will also motivate you to have a balanced lifestyle.

So how can you get a good workout using a punching bag?

Cardio heavy bag workout routine

Here’s how you can do one of the best cardio workouts:

  • Warm-up and stretch
  • Kick the punching bag for about 2 minutes
  • Jump the rope for another 2 minutes
  • 20 x jumping jacks
  • 20 x squat thrusts
  • 20 x mountain climbers
  • 20 x push-ups
  • Punch the bag for about 2 minutes
  • Kick the bag for another 2 minutes
  • Rest

This cardio training is recommended for experienced individuals who have trained before using a punching bag. It is comprised of 10 such rounds and remember: you are not allowed to rest between the exercises.

Endurance heavy bag workout routine

This workout should be done no more than two times a week and only by experienced trainees. Here’s what you will have to do:

  • Warm-up (bike, arms, legs and joints rotations) and stretching Best Punching Bag Reviews
  • 20 x right cross punch
  • 20 x left jab punch
  • 20 x left uppercut
  • 20 x right uppercut
  • 25 x left hook
  • 25 x right hook
  • Combine left uppercut with left look and right cross
  • Combine left jab, right cross and left jab
  • Combine right cross, left hook and right cross
  • Combine left jab, right cross, left jab, right cross and left hook
  • Punch and kick the bag for 2 minutes, circling around it (5 rounds)
  • Cycle for 5 minutes
  • Stretch

If you feel that you can do more than that, you can increase the 20 repetitions at 40 and do 10 rounds of boxing instead of 5. If are a beginner, don’t push yourself too hard, but try to increase the repetitions weekly.

Although punching bag workouts look too old-fashioned in the eyes of those who are used to advanced fitness machines, it is one of the most effective and healthy habit.

It can help you cool down when you’re going through a rough time and it can help you lose weight and build nicely shaped muscles.

Moreover, it is an affordable sport that requires minimal equipment, such as shorts, boxing gloves and sport footwear. You can install a heavy bag in your own home, in the basement, in your garage or even in a lobby. Also, you can find punching bags at gyms or boxing clubs.

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