Recumbent Bike Exercise

Top 5 Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

It takes some time to decide what type of bike to buy when your main purpose is to build a workout routine. There are so many options on the market that sometimes you don’t even know where to start.

If you heard of recumbent bikes but you have no idea what their benefits are, keep reading this article to find out. It is recommended to know exactly what you’re buying if you want to get the best out of a cycling routine.

What is a recumbent bike?

If you’re not sure how a recumbent bike looks like, think about those odd bikes that have a reclining position. Recumbent Bike ExerciseRecumbent bike riders look like they are lying on a sofa, but they are still able to pedal.

This bike’s design is almost completely different than the upright bike and has an ergonomic shape that is said to be healthier for the human body.

Individuals can exercise using a recumbent bike outdoors and indoors, depending on the type of equipment they own. The recumbent bikes for outdoors have a slightly different mechanism than gym recumbent machines that are adjustable and have complex functions.

Both types are recommended for those who wish to exercise in an efficient way.

What are the advantages of a recumbent bike?

At a first glance, a recumbent bike looks weird and doesn’t express safety. Its angled position is nothing like a regular bike’s, which is why most people have a good laugh at first.

However, it is safer than the upright bike and way more comfortable.

These bikes were built to increase a rider’s comfort while riding and to give obese individuals a chance to work out easier than ever.

Here are the main benefits that one should take into consideration when looking for an exercise bike:

  1. Recumbent bikes don’t impact one’s lower back. The recline encourages a correct back posture and makes the entire workout experience more pleasant.Recumbent Bike Exercise
  1. They have an even lower impact on your joints than regular bikes.
  1. The seat is larger, which means that you have a better support during training
  1. They are safer thanks to the lying position. The risk of falling off the bike or getting the feet trapped in its pedals is much lower.
  1. They are ideal for individuals who suffer from neurological conditions as it is very easy to move while sitting on it.
  1. Recumbent bikes reduce the risk of pain in all trainees
  1. The body weight is distributed broader and the rider feels much more comfortable. Therefore, they can work out with ease.
What are the main differences between recumbent and upright bikes?

When looking at a recumbent exercise bike, you can observe immediately that the seat is larger than in upright bikes. Also, the pedals are placed in front of the body instead of under the body. The recumbent bike has a backrest unlike the regular bike that offers back support and makes riding more comfortable.

When using a recumbent bike, the rider sits into the bike frame, while when using an upright bike, the body sits above the frame.

Thanks to the size of the seat, the recumbent bike is much more comfortable and reduces spinal pressure.

Recumbent bike potential

Most people believe that workouts should be painful and difficult. Contrary to this opinion, physicians and fitness experts say otherwise. Both the recumbent bike and the upright bike have the same potential when it comes to burning calories or losing weight.

Muscle toning can be also achieved with both machines.

There is a psychological factor that sometimes prevents trainees from obtaining the best results during their training. Although the recumbent exercise bike is fun and comfy, that doesn’t mean that it should be a children’s play.

Well-planned routines must be followed when training with such a bike in a gym, at home or outdoors. Either you decide to simply pedal for half an hour or choose to perform interval trainings,   you should keep in mind that your body should feel the motions intensely.

Although recumbent bikes are popular among seniors and people who need to go through a rehab program, they are as healthy as possible and useful for young people with a good physical condition.

They are recommended for anyone who deals with bad knees, lower back pain, sensitive joints and more.

The most difficult part about training with a recumbent bike is the motivation part. Staying motivated is not exactly a breeze, because it takes some time to feel that you are actually working out.

The great thing about it is that you can both relax and train at the same time, which is rare in the world of fitness. Most workout types come with a lot of sweat, intensity, breathlessness. You always have to push harder to prove to yourself that you can do more.

That is not usually the case with a recumbent bike. On the contrary, such a relaxed workout makes people want to train for longer periods of time, without even noticing it.

What to know before you begin

The fact that this machine is comfortable and relaxing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare yourself every timeRecumbent Bike Exercise you train.

Therefore, choose proper training shoes that allow you to move freely and flexibly, as well as appropriate fitness clothing. Warm up for at least 5 minutes and make sure that you aren’t too tired when you exercise.

Maintain your body in a relaxed position and adjust your seat properly. Depending on the bike’s features, set the time, distance, speed, and resistance and make sure that you can monitor your heart beat and pulse.

Also, it is important to change your training strategy from time to time to avoid getting bored. Try out interval workouts or pyramid workouts to feel that your body is put to work.

If your chair isn’t comfortable enough, buy a gel seat to improve your position and the way you feel during training.

See how the recumbent bike training goes and think about the benefits we mentioned earlier when you start working out.