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How long should you use an inversion table for?

Is back pain giving you a hard time and you don’t know what else to do about it? Painkillers and massages, improving your posture and changing your mattresses are all recommended in case of back pain, but have you ever thought that there is more that you can do about it?

Unfortunately, millions of people are complaining about back pain half their lives. The sedentary lifestyle and the extra weight, but also sitting for a long time at a desk while working are a few reasons why back pain is difficult to get rid of.

inversion table

Inversion tables are unconventional pieces of equipment that are mainly used to treat back pain. However, they represent great therapy methods for herniated discs, early spinal conditions, spinal elongation, circulatory affections and more.

If you are curious about the correct use of an inversion table, in this article you will find all the information you need.

How to use an inversion table properly

Inversion tables are not difficult to use, but they require you to take an upside-down position, which is why it is really important to know the basics of this therapy. An inversion table’s main purpose is to release the gravitational pressure from your spine, to help decompress your joints and discs, as well as to create traction in your pelvis and spine.

Besides treating the back pain, the inversion table’s advantage is that it helps decompress the nerves in your body.

Therefore, along with the treatment that your physician recommends, an inversion table can help you achieve better and faster results.

To use this equipment properly, you must invert it at the correct angle. Also, you must know what amount of time you should use it for. More importantly, you must know how to use it safely, because if you don’t secure your legs, you could easily fall of it and get seriously hurt.

inversion table

Here’s how you should properly use an inversion table:

  1. Place the equipment on a perfectly flat surface, in an open space
  2. Wear athletic shoes
  3. Adjust the table to your height, according to the instructions (different models have different instructions)
  4. Sit on the table in a straight position
  5. Secure your feet
  6. Strap yourself the right away, according to the instructions. Make sure that your body will not slide once the table is inverted
  7. Push off the table’s straps to invert the table. Start with the lowest inclination degree and slowly increase it when you feel comfortable. Do not try to go all the way down from the first seconds, because you might get dizzy and your blood flow will be affected
  8. Relax completely and try to relieve the tension from all your muscles
  9. Come back to the initial position when the time is up. Do it slowly and gradually.


How long should you remain inverted for?

Before making any decision, it is recommended to speak to your physician. If you have a family doctor who knows your medical history, that is even better, as they can advise you towards the healthiest routines.

If you suffer from a specific back condition, a chiropractor is the best person to say if you can use an inverted table or if you should turn to other therapies. Also, they can give you advice regarding the amount of time that you should spend on an inversion table.

If you do not suffer from any health conditions and you simply want to use it for relaxation and decompression purposes, it is recommended to remain in this position for 5 to 15 minutes.

inversion table

It is important to observe your sensations the entire time. Whenever you feel dizzy, lightheaded or you feel anything else that is out of the ordinary, you should go back to the initial position.

When trying this for the first time, try to remain inverted for less than 3 minutes. This way, you will be able to tell if that is enough or if you could stay for an extended amount of time. Most people can handle the inversion for even more than 15 minutes, but you should remember that it is not recommended to use the inverted table for that long.

The inclination degree is also extremely important and is directly proportional with the amount of time that you can spend in that position. In the beginning, it is OK to start at 20-30 degrees. After one-two weeks, you can go down to 60 degrees. Try the full inversion only when your body feels ready.

Avoid the inversion table if you suffer from eye conditions or if you experience blood pressure anomalies. However, if you are a healthy person looking to get rid of the back pain, the inversion table will offer you the best therapy that you have ever had.

inversion table