Top 10 Pre-workout Supplements

Having a workout routine is healthy for your mind and body, helps you have a balanced life and keeps you away from disease. But in order to obtain the best results, one should have a proper diet and should make sure that they get all the proteins and vitamins that their body needs.  Pre-workout Supplements

It takes a lot of energy and motivation to work out regularly, without losing your appetite for sports. Luckily, there are plenty of workout supplements that you can consume before every workout.

Pre-workout supplements give you energy and help you stay focused.  There is a variety of products that you can take, depending on your needs. Here are the main supplement categories:

  • Nutrients
  • Energy boostersPre-workout Supplements
  • Pump boosters
  • Fat burners
  • Brain boosters
  • Other supplements


If you train regularly, you have surely experienced laziness or a lack of motivation from time to time. There are times when you have no energy after a busy day at work or when you don’t feel strong enough.

If that is the case, pre-workout supplements will give you a good boost that will allow you to continue with your daily routine.

What are the 10 best pre-workout supplements?

Proteins and carbs – your body must take-in a large amount of calories 60-90 minutes before the work-out in order to gain the energy you need. Full meals combined with 25-50 grams of protein shakes are the perfect combination anyone should take into consideration. More than that, combining the meals and proteins with carbs in a 1:1 ratio is even better for your muscles.

Creatine – this is one of the best strength boosters ever. It helps you drive fluid to your muscle cells and gives you more strength. When looking for such products, make sure they contain creatine monohydrate.

Beta-Alanine – this is an amino-acid that gives you power and increases your stamina during your workout. Choose products that contain beta-alanine only from credible brands.Pre-workout Supplements

Caffeine – more precisely, caffeine anhydrous is a dry stimulant that is well-known for its ability to increase the strength and energy levels of sportsmen. Additionally, this supplement reduces the pain individuals experience when lifting weights.

Arginine – this is another amino-acid that transforms itself into nitric oxide, also known as NO. Its role is to help your blood vessels expand and allow more blood and oxygen, as well as nutrients to reach the muscles.

Capsicum – this supplement is made of chili peppers and helps you burn more calories, and therefore, more fat. Products that contain this fat burner are ideal for those of you who want to lose weight.

Tyrosine – products that contain this substance are good brain boosters that help trainers and trainees to be happier and more focused.

Choline – this is a nutrient and a neurotransmitter that signals muscle contractions, improves one’s memory and gives your brain a great boost.

BCAAs – products that contain this group of amino-acids are useful for those who need more energy. These substances skip the liver and target the muscles. Also, they help reduce the stored body fat.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – this supplement is natural and helps the body burn more fat in less time.