teach a kid to balance bike

How to teach a child to ride a balance bike?

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Most children are having a hard time learning how to ride a bike at young ages. They need the help of a parent or a friend and it is a process that requires a lot of patience. Balance bikes have been invented with the purpose of learning a child how to maintain his or her balance before riding a bike. This might be one of the best inventions for children, as there are many grown-ups who cannot ride a bike due to a number of reasons. Fear, insecurity and lack of exercise are the most frequently alleged reasons for not knowing how to ride a bike.


With the help of balance bikes children fall less, get injured less and learn how to ride a bike faster. Also, they get to have a lot of fun alone or in the company of their friends. Although, teaching a child how to ride a bike is not always as easy as it seems. Regardless of the children’s gender or age, some are fearless and some are incredibly shy and hard to convince to try new things out. This is the main reason why bringing up the subject should not be just a random action.

What determines children to ride a bike or a balance bike?

Children are often influenced by their friends’ behaviour. If your child seems to be afraid to get on a balance bike and later on, on a regular bike, you might want to use your neighbours’ or friends’ children who already ride one as an example.

If you brought it up and your child seemed excited about it, then be sure to offer them the experience they are longing for. If you want them to master their balance bike, you should follow some simple steps that will guarantee your success in the matter.

How to teach a child ride a balance bike for the first time?

First of all, choose a balance bike that is perfectly suitable for your child’s size and height. A smaller or taller one will prevent them from riding it properly. This can lead to injuries and anxiety issues. Secondly, be sure to adjust it properly. The seat should be as comfortable as it gets and his or her legs should easily reach the ground.blance bike girl

Don’t forget to get all the required equipment such as the protection helmet, arm guards and knee guards. The safer the children feel, the easier it is for them to start riding. Explain exactly what they have to do and make sure to leave their side only when they seem 100% prepared.

Riding a balance bike is incredibly easy and your children will understand that as soon as they get confident about their new training device. As pedalling is not necessary, the only important thing is to look forward and not ride in areas where traffic is dangerous. The great thing about balance bikes is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, children can be taught how to ride even inside a sports hall or an indoor playground.