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Punching Bag Workout for Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight, everything seems difficult. You have to eat less, exercise more and lead a balanced lifestyle. It is easier said than done, but there are so maPunching Bagny examples of people who
have succeeded to lose more than just a few pounds, that you actually have no excuse.

All you have to do is start exercising, even if it is for just a few minutes every day.

If you like to exercise but everything seems boring to you, then maybe it is time for a change of perspective. Forget about strict diets and fitness workouts and think about something different, such as a punching bag workout.

You can install one in the comfort of your own home or you can go to a local gym where punching bags are available.

Interested? Continue reading.

Is the punching bag workout for you?

Unless you have a poor health status that definitely excludes exercise from your daily routine, then the punching bag workout is suitable for everyone. It sounds rough, aggressive and difficult, but in reality it is none of those things.

In case you didn’t know, punching bag workouts aren’t all the same. Just like any other workouts, it has various difficulty levels. If you’ve never tried it before, it is better to start at a beginner level.

More than that, some punching bag workouts target your cardiovascular system, other your muscular system, the fat on your body and so on.

Therefore, all you have to do is decide if you want to make a change in your life and start throwing punches to that fat of yours.

How will punching a bag help you lose weight?

When you first think about it, it doesn’t make any sense, does it? Punching bags are for professional boxers who want to train in order to perfect their technique, become faster and stronger, right? Well, that is one way of looking at things.

But everyone can own a punching bag in their own basement, garage or home. A punching bag can help you exercise without using any other equipment. You don’t have to want to fight in order to be able to exercise correctly with a punching bag.Punching Bag

There is a large number of both men and women who choose this method because they enjoy it, it makes them sweat the anger out and it helps them become healthier.

This type of training can challenge your body in many ways, which is why it is a good choice for you.

If you are willing to learn how to hit the bag correctly and how to move around it, you can create your own personalized workout routine that will help you lose weight and spill your frustrations out.

In the “how” category, there are a lot of options. You can workout at a slow pace, trying to do interval or circuit exercises, or you can workout at a fast pace, trying to exercise as much as possible in a short period of time. You can exercise using your arms only, or your legs, too. It should all depend on the body part that you want to lose weight from the most.

Either way, a few things will happen for sure: you will sweat, you will train all of your muscle groups and you will lose a lot of weight in time. Think about the body part that you want to focus more on. For example, if you want to lose weight from your upper body, then you should focus on punching with your arms, as well as doing ducking stance changes.

Punching bag routine examples

There is no perfect punching bag routine that works for everyone. In time, you will figure out what’s the best workout for your needs. But for starters, you can try a few simple routines.

Make sure to wear comfortable sports shoes, comfortable clothing and boxing gloves. In case you don’t own a punching bag yet, you can simply imitate the punching motions. In that case, you don’t need the gloves.

Here’s an example of a punching bag workout that is suitable for everyone, regardless of their experience with this type of equipment.

  • 5 x low kick with the right leg
  • 5 x high kick with the right leg
  • 5 x low kick with the left leg
  • 5 x high kick with the left leg
  • 20 x straight punches (both arms)
  • 5 x left hooks
  • 5 x right hooks
  • 5 x knee strikes

Repeat the entire workout 2-3 times, depending on your resistance and goals.

Here’s another example that is recommended for intermediate or advanced trainees:

  • 10 x jab + cross
  • 10 x jab + cross + jab
  • 10 x jab + cross + upper cut (both arms)
  • 10 x jab + upper cut + hook (both arms)
  • 10 x jab + cross + shin block
  • 10 x left knee + right knee + jab + cross
  • 10 x knee + left front kick + right front kick
  • 10 x left shin block + right shin block +high rock
Warm-up and persevere

If you find it too difficult to workout using a punching bag, then you probably tried too hard. Slow down and pick another training routine. Perseverance is what often helps you obtain the results Punching Bagyou want.

It is important to warm up properly before you start the workout. Stretch, jump the rope, do some jumping jacks or cycle. Even a 5-minute warm-up is extremely important and significantly reduces the risk of getting injured.

Expect to see the first results in a few weeks. The first few days will be more difficult because you will start to experience a variety of sensations. Your body will start aching due to the lack of physical activity if you haven’t trained in a long time. After a few days, you will start getting used to the workouts and you will be able to train correctly.

No worries, though. You will start burning calories from the first training. After a while, you will also observe a change in your muscles’ aspect. Therefore, fight your fears and persevere!

Benefits of Riding a Single Speed Bike

When it comes to buying a new bike, the same question pops up every time: are you going to choose a multi-gear bike or a single speed bike? Are you looking for simplicity or for complexity?Single Speed Bike

Riding a single speed bike has its advantages and so does riding a multi-gear bike. But in most cases, you can only buy one of them. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a single speed bike, helping you to figure out if such a model is suitable for your needs.

Single Speed Bike vs. Multi-Gear bike

The main difference between multi-gear and single speed bicycles is obvious: the first can switch between gears, while the second one only has one. Single speed bikes can be fixed or freewheel. If the image of a single speed doesn’t come to mind, think about a messenger’s bike. That’s it!

There are a few things that people love about multi-gear bikes. One of them is the fact that it has multiple speeds. This kind of bike keeps tension on the chain and allows riders to reach higher performances. It is ideal for those who ride at high speeds, as well as on sharp inclines.

On the other hand, single speed bikes are preferred by those who love simple things and use this two-wheeled vehicle to travel around town. If you are planning to use the bike as a means of transportation, you won’t need the multiple gears. They are simply not practical.

Single speed bikes are suitable for those who need to ride in areas with flat surfaces or low inclines. Also, they are ideal for those who need a mountain bike that won’t be stuck due to a broken derailleur.

Single Gear Ratios

They have a single gear ratio, no derailleur gears or hub gearing and they come in various models. If you do a little research while you are looking to buy a single speed, you will see that there are a lot of options: track bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclo-cross bikes or hybrid bikes.

Most people learn how to ride a bike on a single speed. Then, they change it with a multi-gear because it looks more fun and modern. But eventually, everyone wants to come back to basics.

Multi-gear bikes are more complex and therefore, they need more maintenance, while fixed bikes need almost no maintenance.

If you are looking to buy a bike that is easy to maintain and will involve almost no costs over time, single speed models are exactly what you’re looking for.

However, if you are in the search of a bike that will help you win competitions and you have an extended budget, multi-gear bikes are what you need to look for.

The benefits of riding a single speed bike

Although most cycling enthusiasts don’t see the point of buying a single speed bike, there are multiple reasons why it can be more practical than a multi-gear one.Single Speed Bike

Actually, it is extremely simple to choose a single speed bike when you know your priorities and you understand the fact that a multi-gear’s benefits aren’t useful in your case.

Taking into consideration the opinions of thousands of bikers who owned both singled speed and multi-gear bikes in the past, we have come to the conclusion that single speeds are preferred by those who want to train more efficiently.

If you are looking to ride a bike with the purpose of losing weight or toning your muscles, or even as a cardio workout, then single speeds are ideal. They put your entire body to work, they are more difficult to ride on inclines and they are much easier to repair should anything happen.

Simple is Fun!

When you own this type of bike, you forget about stretched cables, gear servicing, clogged up gears, chain slaps or frame chips. Very little maintenance means less money, which leads us to the conclusion that buying one of these bikes is cost-efficient on a long term.

Riding a fixed bike has become trendy in the past years because of the modern design that manufacturers tend to promote, the light weight and the usefulness in big cities. A single-speed bike is like a friend that’s not afraid to be honest. It shows your real performance when you’re training and it shows you its best qualities when you need to travel through town.

Single Speeds are Cheaper

Another reason why single speeds are popular is that they are cheaper than multi-gear bikes. Also, they are ideal for people who crave simplicity. Moreover, from a technical point of view, they are seen as more reliable and durable.

If your budget is limited, you are a beginner and you want to buy a new bike, you should know that getting started with a fixed bike is worth the effort. If you’ll ask an expert, they’ll tell you that single speed bikes can help a rider improve their technique, become stronger and teach themselves a higher cadence.

And if you try to ride on each type of bike, you will notice the same. The thighs and calves become stronger, your pedaling changes and you will start having a lot of fun.Single Speed Bike

Think about it. It is almost impossible to climb a hill riding a single-speed with the same RPM of a geared bike’s rider. Your bike practically forces you to slow down and build endurance. The effort grows, but so does your power.

One thing you certainly don’t think about when riding a single speed is that it has the ability to make you faster, because you become more powerful and your cadence adapts easier to the road conditions.

From a technical point of view, the way you ride a single speed bike isn’t only up to you. Modern bikes are manufactured using smart strategies for proper chain tensioning. So don’t think about it as a bike that lets you do all the work.

One thing is for sure: after a few weeks of riding a single speed bike, you can declare yourself experienced.

Cardio Rowing & Bodybuilding Workouts

When you first see this title, you probably think that the two exercise types don’t really connect. In reality, cardio rowing is a type of training that can complement the benefits of bodybuilding Cardio Rowingworkouts. In fact, it can be seen as a part of a bodybuilding workout that will help you reshape your entire body.

Cardio workouts can help one melt ridiculous amounts of fat, which is why they are so appreciated. However, cardio workouts shouldn’t be performed as standalone techniques for muscle shaping.

The reason is fairly simple: you want to lose a lot of weight, but you also want to tone your muscles, so that your skin doesn’t look flabby.

If that is your case, then you should learn more about the two workout types and try to combine them into a routine that works perfectly for you.

Is cardio rowing the right exercise for you?

Indoor rowing is one of the healthiest workouts. Although the rowing machines are often abandoned in gyms, they are extremely valuable. They offer a workout that has low-impact on your joints and that can help you burn a lot of calories.

The great thing about indoor rowing is that everyone can do it. The only thing that you have to do is to sit correctly on the machine and start rowing. You can do circuit trainings, interval trainings or you can simply row at your own pace for as long as you can.

Generally, a 1 hour workout can help you lose around 800 calories, depending on your weight and the intensity of the training.

The main reason why many people choose cardio rowing is that it boosts their cardiovascular system and increases their resistance. When rowing, the core, shoulder and arm muscles are mainly triggered. Also, your back and leg muscles get toned fast.

Rowing workouts can be combined with a variety of other exercises, such as weight lifting, push-ups, pull-ups and many more. Actually, you can combine this type of training with anything that makes you feel good, as long as it triggers the body part you want to work on.

If you want to start practicing a rowing routine, you should be ready to increase the resistance after a few days. It is the best way to reach your goals, as you get to push your limits.

What is the role of rowing in bodybuilding training?

Bodybuilding is a complex sports field. It involves a wide variety of workouts that are meant to help one develop muscle and mass in a balanced way, as well as to increase the strength and muscle Cardio Rowingcontrol.

Bodybuilders perform progressive resistance exercises and engage in activities that help them reach these goals.

You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder to want to look like one. The looks of a bodybuilder come with other advantages, too. A well trained body is a healthy, strong and resistant one.

When you think of bodybuilding, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact there is a lot of weight lifting involved. However, in order to get those looks, one has to lose a lot of fat.

That is when cardio workouts are required. Before starting to build amazing muscles, you have to get rid of unnecessary weight. Also, it is important to keep combining bodybuilding exercises with cardio workouts in order to maintain a good body shape.

Interested? If yes, you should know that there are a lot of workouts that you can perform on an indoor rowing machine.

You can either choose rowing as a warm-up method or as a full workout that you can do when you’re taking a break from bodybuilding exercises.

Here are 3 rowing workouts that can help you lose fat:

  1. 30 seconds sprint workouts
  • Row at your own pace for 10 minutes
  • 15 x sprint for 30 seconds; rest for 30 seconds


  1. Pyramid workout
  • Row at your own pace for 10 minutes
  • Row 1 minute; rest 1 minute
  • Row 2 minutes; rest 2 minutes
  • Row 3 minutes, rest 3 minutes
  • Row 4 minutes; rest 4 minutes
  • Row 3 minutes; rest 3 minutes
  • Row 2 minutes; rest 2 minutes;
  • Row 1 minute; rest 1 minute


  1. 1 minute sprint workout
  • Row at your own pace for 10 minutes
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 26)
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 28)
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 26)
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 28)
  • Sprint 1 minute; Rest 1 minute (SR 26)
  • Row at your own pace for 2 minutes


Why should you start rowing right away?

After a while of exercising using weights or traditional machines such as indoor bikes, the stepper, the press and more, we all feel the need to diversify our workouts. The indoor rowing machine is a fun way to bring diversity into your daily workouts and have some fun.

Modern rowing machines have preset trainings that can help you reach your goals faster, are easy to use and have a low impact on your knees. The biggest advantage is that one gets to work out almost all muscle groups while rowing: the quadriceps, hamstrings, back, shoulders, abs, biceps, triceps and calves.

A rowing machine is not only incredible equipment for cardio workouts, but it also offers an effective strength-building training.Cardio Rowing

All rowing machines have performance and activity monitors that can help you observe your evolution. Also, these machines have a lot of settings that can
be adapted to your needs, such as resistance, speed, intensity and more.

To conclude, everyone should row during their daily or weekly trainings. Although indoor rowing has been underestimated for a long time, this type of training is as complex as it gets, is suitable for all ages and it can help one burn a lot of calories.

More than that, it is the perfect routine that one can integrate into a bodybuilding workout. Cardio rowing is encouraged especially in the case of natural bodybuilders who don’t appeal to steroids or other supplements for mass growth.

Top 5 Stair Stepper Exercise Machine Benefits

The stair stepper, that equipment we all see in gyms, on TV or in people’s homes is one of the things that best imitate the action of climbing. The full-sized stepper can help users get intense Stair Stepper Exercise Machinetrainings and is less complicated than other fitness machines.

The only thing you have to do once you’re on a stair stepped exercise machine is to adjust the settings and start climbing. It can be tiring and even exhausting if you are a beginner, but you can always slow down.

If you ever climbed more than 100 stairs then you know that your entire body is put to work during this activity. You might not feel your every muscle in your legs at first, but you will definitely start feeling the machine’s effects after a minute or two.

If you’re interested in starting to work out using a stair stepper machine, then you should know what the benefits of this type of exercise are.

Who can use a stair stepper machine?

Luckily, everyone is welcome to use a stepper. It offers aerobic trainings of various durations and intensities and has the ability to improve your heart activity.

If you’re looking for a low-impact workout but you are bored of the stationary bike, try this machine out. You will experience a whole new sensation and your muscles will start to burn soon enough, which is a good thing.

The stair stepper is a good choice for individuals who have bad knees, too. It has a low-impact on the joints.

However, if you have a history of knee injuries, you should talk to your physician about the decision of training using a stair stepper first.

Stepper machines are great for muscle development. They help you train your glutes, your calves, you thighs, hamstrings and arms. Depending on the machine you are using, you can try to perform a variety of routines that involve your arms and shoulders, too.

The stair-stepper is ideal for people who want to lose weight in a non-aggressive way. According to Harvard Health Publications, 30 minutes on this machine can lead to the loss of 180 calories in Stair Stepper Exercise Machinethe case of a 125-pound person (56 kg).  The more you weigh, the more you burn during training.

What are the main benefits of using a stair stepper?

Every piece of fitness equipment comes with a variety of benefits that you can take advantage of once you start training. There are general benefits that apply to all types of workouts, such as cardiovascular health, an increased energy level, a better mood, self-confidence, better sleep and appetite.

Also, there are benefits that not all fitness equipment can provide you with, such as muscular flexibility, muscular strength and weight loss, muscle toning and shaping.

The stepper is also one of the best fitness equipment that can fight obesity. It is easy to build a cardio routine when you have a stepper at your disposal.

Here are the main benefits of a stair stepper that everyone should know about:

  1. Weight loss

The entire body benefits from the advantages of a stair stepper. When climbing, you start burning more and more calories. When you reach a stage where you can push your limits a bit harder, it becomes easier to lose weight.

  1. Leg thinning

If you were looking for a way to get rid of bulky calves and thighs, this is one of the things that will definitely contribute to that purpose. Exercising every day on a stepper and stretching your muscles as much as possible is a simple way of getting thinner legs in a few months’ time.

  1. Cardio & Aerobics

When you see someone training on a stepper it doesn’t look like much. However, this machine is able to make your heart run like crazy and your muscles tighten, just like during an aerobics class.

  1. Glutes training

Are you one of those people who dream about having nicer buttock? The stair stepper is ideal for you if you want to strengthen and tighten those muscles. You will observe the first results in less than a month. Take it easy, though, you don’t want to experience muscle soreness too often.

  1. Back muscles strengthening

When training on a stair stepper, not only you will feel and look better, but you will also strengthen you lower muscles. This way, you will provide your spine with better support, your posture will improve and your back will hurt less even when sitting down for hours.


Other muscles that benefit from this type of training are the abdominal muscles, the calves, the quadriceps, hamstrings and the calves. The shoulders and arms are also being trained when using steppers with handles.

What to look for in the best stair stepper exercise machine?

In order to benefit from all the advantages we mentioned above, you must exercise on a high-quality stepper machine. Gyms are usually equipped with professional steppers, but if you decide to Stair Stepper Exercise Machine
buy one for home use, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • The ergonomics – it is important to work out on an ergonomic machine that makes it easy and comfortable to exercise
  • The materials – you need a sturdily built stepper if you want to be able to use it for the coming years
  • The handlebars – the existence of handlebars makes it easier for you to support yourself with your hands and to train those arms and forearms
  • The monitor – modern equipment comes with advanced features that can help you monitor your activity and keep track of your heart rate, pulse, calories and more.
  • The adjustability – no person is like the other, which is why you want to make sure that you can adjust the machine for your own needs.
  • The size – if you want to buy a stair stepped for your home, you might to

consider the available space you have in your living room or home gym, because some machines occupy more space than you think.

  • The price – fitness equipment is often overestimated these days. Spend a little time researching before buying a stair stepper. Compare the specifications and prices and choose a product that is affordable and suitable for your needs

How to Set up Doorway Pull-up Bar

How badly do you want to shape your muscles, to become more powerful every day and to improve your stamina? Do you want it so badly that you would even take the gym home with you?Doorway Pull-up Bar

If you want it bad enough, then this article will be of help, as you will learn how to install a pull-up bar in the comfort of your own home. This way, you will be able to train even when you don’t have the time to hit the gym or when you feel too tired to do a full workout.

Pull-ups and chin-ups are exercises that help you develop amazing muscles in almost no time. Your arms, shoulders, back, abs and even legs can be beautifully shaped using nothing but a doorway pull-up bar.

There are a variety of exercises you can do at home, in any part of the day that will turn you into a fit person. All you have to do is install a pull-up bar at home and start training.

How to set up a doorway pull up bar at home?

If you want to install a pull-up bar in your home, you can choose between two types. The first is permanent, which doesn’t mean that you can’t remove it, but you will have to unmount it from doors, walls or ceilings. The second type is removable, which means that you don’t have to drill into your doorways. This type is easier to install, but not so durable.

When deciding to install a pull-up bar the first step is to choose which type you need. If you decide to go with the removable type, the installation process is easy and won’t give you headaches. All you have to do is install two brackets that will hold it properly or place it on top of the door frame.

If you want a permanent one, the process is a bit more complicated, as you have to keep in mind a variety of factors that will influence both its stability and durability and your performance.

Here’s the requisite you will need:

  • Pull-up bar package (includes attachment and installation accessories)
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Drill

So far, so good! Follow the next steps to get your pull-up bar properly installed:

  1. Find a doorway that has a sturdy construction, preferably not near the corner of the roomDoorway Pull-up Bar
  2. Put the pull-up bar together if it came in pieces, just to be make sure that you know what it must look like when the installation is done
  3. Measure and drill holes for the brackets
  4. Insert the wall plugs if necessary
  5. Install the brackets using the drill and bolts
  6. Tighten up the screws and make sure the brackets are stable
  7. Install the crossbar
  8. Test the bar using a chair and your body weight
  9. Retighten screws if necessary

There it is! You have installed your pull-up / chin-up bar fast and easy.


How many types of pull-up bars are there?

It is important to pay attention to the pull-up bar model you buy, as they aren’t all the same. Some are designed for ceilings and walls and some for doorways. Also, there are different sizes and models and some might not fit your door frame.

Make sure that you know the measurements of your door before buying the pull-up bar.

Here are the main pull-up bars on the market:

  • Over-the-door bars
  • Telescopic bars
  • Wall-mounted bars
  • Ceiling pull-up bars
  • Standing pull-up bars (power tower)


What are the exercises you can do with a doorway pull-up bar?

The more you think about exercising with your pull-up bar, the more options will come to mind. There are plenty of ideas that can be put in practice when it comes to new challenges.

The most basic exercises one can do using a pull-up bar are the chin-ups, the pull-ups, the knee raises and the leg raises. You can diversify in plenty of ways by working on your grip and body position.

First, you must build the strength you need to perform new exercises every day.

Then, you can try a variety of workouts that include climber pull-ups, behind neck pull-ups, sternum chin-ups, negative pull-ups, resistance band pull-ups, reverse grip pull-ups and what not.

You can alternate with rope jumping, dips or push-ups to diversify your workout even more. There are no limits to what you can do when you have a pull-up bar in your home.

All you need is the motivation and a little time.

What are the benefits of the pull-up bar exercises?

Pull-ups have been used as a training method since the ancient times. They trigger plenty of muscle groups and help you develop an evenly grown upper body with nice shapes and healthy muscles.

Pull-up workouts are not as boring as it might look like. Many fitness experts prefer to build a cardio routine around a power tower or a pull-up bar than to use a treadmill, a stationary bike or a Doorway Pull-up Barstepper.

The main benefits of a pull-up bar workout routine are the following:

  • The entire upper body is properly trained
  • The intensity of the workout can be increased over time by doing more and more repetitions
  • There are many variations of pull-ups that one can try, so getting bored is almost impossible
  • Trainees get to lose fat and strengthen their grip


By now, you should be convinced that having a pull-up bar installed in your own home is useful, practical and very convenient. It occupies little space and doesn’t bother other family members, as it is positioned near the ceiling.

If you’re not convinced yet, you should at least give pull-ups a try. You can always go to the gym and see for yourself how your muscles react to these exercises. Also, you can talk to a professional trainer that can guide you through the process and indicate the most important benefits you can draw from working out this way.

Have fun while building an amazing body!


Best Mini Stepper Workout

Nowadays everything becomes smaller and easier to use. The entire world works on developing machines and devices that occupy less space and can be used everywhere.Best Mini Stepper

Mini steppers are smaller versions of the steppers we all know and are practical pieces of equipment that we can use in our everyday routine. They can be used at home, at the office and are easy to transport.

A mini stepper offers users a lot of benefits, from the advantages of a cardio workout to a considerable mood improvement. One can burn a lot of calories by using such equipment daily, which means that it is one of the devices that can help you lose weight.

Although many people own a mini-stepper, they don’t bother planning a routine that will help them get the best out of their regular workout. Using it without having a plan in mind isn’t a bad thing, but it might prevent from reaching the desired goals efficiently.

How can you get a good workout with a mini stepper?

Mini-steppers are ideal for small spaces and unlike full-sized steppers, they can be used while sitting or standing. Their greatest advantage is that they can be used while working. You can simply place them under your desk and workout while performing tasks such as sending emails, participating in a conference call etc.

There are plenty of workouts that one can integrate in their daily routine. Interval trainings are the best option for most people who want to exercise quickly and intensely. Pyramid trainings are also a good option. Climbing on the stepper without any rules isn’t a bad idea, either.

The best way to achieve your purpose using a mini-stepper is to spend between 150 and 300 minutes per week exercising. However, the mini-stepper can offer you the best results when you combine it with other types of exercise, such as running or swimming.

The warm-up is important when training with a mini-stepper. A 5-minute warm up is usually enough for you to get ready for the actual workout. You can warm up by climbing at your own pace, by stretching or by jumping the rope.

After the warm-up you can start training for about 30 minutes at a moderate pace. It’s your choice whether you want to leave it at that or you want to continue working out more.

Most probably, you will figure that out in time, once you see how your body responds to each training type.

The best mini-stepper workout

When it comes to working out, there is no general rule that applies to everyone. Weight loss, muscle toning, leg strengthening, they don’t happen overnight and can’t be achieved by everyone in theBest Mini Stepper same way.

Your body weight and shape, your stamina, your hydration level and your experience matter more than you can imagine. They are all factors that we must consider when planning our workout routine.

However, you should never doubt the fact that any mini-stepper workout can help you work out your glutes, your legs and even your arms if you decide to use resistance bands or adjustable weights. More than that, it has the power to improve your cardiovascular system’s activity.

Although there are many training types that are recommended by fitness experts, here’s one that helps most people stay fit:

  1. Set your resistance at the lowest level the first 5-10 minutes
  2. Exercise at your own pace for the first few minutes
  3. Increase the pace for the next 10 minutes (imagine that you’re jogging lightly)
  4. Increase the stepper’s resistance and exercise intensely for the next 3 minutes
  5. Rest by exercising at your own pace for 5 minutes
  6. Climb the stepper intensely for the next 2 minutes
  7. Rest
  8. Decrease the resistance and climb for another 5 minutes

This workout takes approximately 35 minutes of your time. It requires you to focus and wear proper training shoes. Unless you wear proper equipment during training, your feet will get tired much faster than normal.

Also, this type of training requires resistance features that can be adjusted by the user.

If you don’t have the time to do this training 5 days a week, then stick to a simpler plan that requires nothing more than to use the stepper at your own pace for a total of 1 hour during the day.

The benefits of using a mini-stepper

Except for helping you develop a balanced lifestyle, the mini-stepper is extremely useful in the following situations:

  • You know that you lead a sedentary lifestyle
  • You must get your cardiovascular system in order
  • You can see and feel that your muscles need to be toned
  • You want to lose weight
  • You sit or stand too much while at work
  • You don’t have the time to go to a local gym
  • You feel tired all the time and you lack energyBest Mini Stepper

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have stated that working out for 2 hours a day using a mini stepper can help you lose 40 pounds in a year or even more. However, not all people want to lose weight.
It is good to know, though, that the mini-stepper can actually be effective when needed.

The mini-stepper doesn’t have to be used as single training equipment. It can be an alternative to other workout types and can bring diversity into your life. Also, if you are obsessed about the disadvantages of sitting all day at the office, it can help you relieve the guilt.

Having a mini-stepper at home is good for your body but also for your family’s motivation. Everyone in your house will want to try it at least a few times and will probably fall in love with this tiny equipment that can bring you so much satisfaction.

To conclude, your hamstrings, glutes and calves benefit from the use of the mini-stepper, as well as your circulation, your skin and your overall body weight.

Use a mini-stepper for at least one week and see how you feel. Also, don’t hesitate to share your experience with us.

Top 5 Pull-Up Bar Workouts

They say that your body is your temple. You have to treat it just like you treat any other thing that you’re passionate about: like your life depends on it.

Looking good, staying fit and feeling amazing isn’t just a conception of the modern world.

People from all over the world always wanted to look good. Maybe our ancestors didn’t have the machines we have access to today, but they had their ways of achieving their goals.

They taught us that simple and short exercises are the best for our bodies. There is no need to complicate our existence with strenuous exercises that have the same benefits as the simple ones.

Pull-ups are a part of this exercise category. There are various pull-up techniques that can be used to strengthen and shape at least 3 muscle groups at once on a  pull-up bar.

What are the best pull-up workouts?

If you want to grow natural, beautiful muscles, increase your strength and challenge yourself, then you should definitely start training using a pull-up bar on an everyday basis.

If you are a complete beginner, things will be tough in the beginning. If you are intermediate or advances, you already know how things are going to work. You have to rebuild your strength and then push your limits more and more every day.

Regardless of your training level, there are times when pull-up workouts can become boring. That is when you have to take up new challenges every day. You can start doing more repetitions, the same number of repetitions in less time or you can start doing complicated pull-ups that you haven’t tried before.

Here are the top 5 pull-up bar workouts that will turn you into a superhuman:


  1. The best pull-up workout routine that we can recommend once you got used to doing at least 100 of them in one day, is the following:
  • 5 sets of 12 wide-grip pull-ups
  • 5 sets of 25 standard pull-ups
  • 5 sets of 17 V-Bar pull-ups
  • 5 sets of 12 chin-ups

Once you get bored, you can go for more repetitions and even more sets. You will observe that your back, shoulder, arm and ab muscles are stronger and more visible.

  1. If you are over this kind of simple, yet difficult training, you can upgrade your routine to cardio. Do as many repetitions as possible in 1 minute. It sounds easy, but trust us, it isn’t.


  1. Should you want to push your limits even harder, the weighted pull-ups are incredibly helpful. You can add up some dumbbells that you can hold with your feet and a dipping belt. Wearing a weight vest is also an option.


  1. 100 pull-ups as fast as you can. It is up to you. If you decide that the 100 pull-ups can be done in one day, then so be it. Somehow, though, there are people who do them in less than 5 minutes and their body looks amazing!


  1. The pyramid training is fun and challenging, which is why most people love it. Start by doing 1, 2 and 3 pull-ups and proceed until you reach number 10. Then, start decreasing the number of pull-ups. It’s that easy!



What are the pull-up variations?

Everyone knows what standard pull-ups look like. But when you see someone doing mixed-grip pull-ups, climber’s chin-ups, they suddenly become your heroes.

It is normal to look up to people who can do all the pull-up variations, as they require a lot of strength, motivation and will. A healthy diet, protein cocktails and energizers are also required from time to time.

There are plenty of pull-ups that one can do to train the entire body. Some of the most popular are:

  • Standard pull-ups
  • Weighted pull-ups
  • Behind-the-neck pull-ups
  • Mixed grip pull-ups
  • Commando pull-ups
  • One arm pull-ups
  • Climber’s chin-up
  • Kipping
  • Sternum chin-ups
  • Muscle-up pull-ups
  • Assisted pull-ups
  • Reverse push-ups / inclined pull-ups


What are the triggered muscle groups?

Today’s gyms offer us so many options, that it becomes difficult to decide which workout type is best for our bodies. There are a variety of fitness machines and weights that await to be exploited. However, sometimes the simplest training is the best.

The great advantage of the pull-up training bar is the fact that it involves so many muscles. Every single muscle in your body can be stimulated when doing various types of pull-ups.

The best thing about the pull-up bar is the fact that users can add some attachments to it. This way, the number of different exercises they can perform grows substantially.

Here are the muscles that one uses during a pull-up training:

  • The trunk (also known as latissimus dorsi)
  • The arms (brachialis and brachioradialis)
  • The shoulders (the teres major, rhomboids, trapezius, scalpulae, deltoid muscles)
  • The abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis, sternum, erector spinae)
  • The pelvic floor
  • The hands and forearms

Believe it or not, some individuals become so caught up in the pull-up workout that they take it to extreme limits. This way, they get to set new world record and amaze everyone around them.

Mark Jordan, a 54-year old sportsman, who did 4321 pull-ups in 24 hours set a record that was registered in the Guinness World Record in 2016. Later on, the same year, a Marine Corps Veteran and CrossFit trainer set a new record of 5862 pull-ups in 24 hours. However, he is 17 years younger than Mark Jordan.

If you thought that only men were attracted to pull-ups, you were wrong! Women are, too! Irina Rudometkina, a Russian sportswoman set the record for the most consecutive chin-ups without dismounting. She did 48 consecutive pull-ups in December 2014.

Also, Alicia Webber set the world record for the most pull-ups in 1 minute. She did 39 pull-ups in August 2011. She also set the record for the most chin-ups in 1 minute in 2008, 2010 and 2011 and for the most pull-ups in 3 minutes.

As you can see, pull-ups can turn you into a good-looking, strong person, but also a passionate one who can set world records or simply push the limits far beyond your imagination.

Top 10 Stationary Bike Workouts

A stationary bike is one of those pieces of equipment that can help you work out when you have no other option. If Stationary Bike Workoutsyou don’t have time to go to the gym, the weather outside isn’t always friendly or you simply prefer to exercise in the intimacy of your own home, then the stationary bike is your next best friend.

Cycling helps you train even in the event that you have bad knees or your joints often hurt when trying to perform any other type of training. It has a low impact on your joints and modern stationary bikes have advanced control systems.

There are many ways in which you can exercise efficiently using an indoor bike. Here are some of the most popular stationary bike workouts:

  1. Cycling spin-ups

This interval training is simple and helps you boost your cardiovascular system in a matter of days. Moreover, it is one of those types of training that help you build a pace and exercise without having to think about the routines.

The training:

  • 2 minutes at 75 RPM
  • 2 minutes at 80 RPM
  • 1 minute at 85 RPM
  • 1 minute at 90 RPM
  • 1 minute at 90 RPM

Repeat this interval 3 times if you can. Stick to 1 interval if you are a complete beginner and consider doing a proper warm-up before you begin.


  1. 8-minute climb

This is a pyramid interval that will help you get used to cardio workouts and will help you burn a lot of calories in just 8 minutes. Play some electronic music while cycling on your stationary bike and enjoy yourself.

During this workout it is recommended to cycle at 8 RPE when sprinting and 6 RPE when resting.

The training:

  • Sprint for 10 seconds, Rest for 50 seconds
  • Sprint for 20 seconds, Rest for 40 seconds
  • Sprint for 30 seconds, Rest for 30 seconds
  • Sprint for 40 seconds, Rest for 20 seconds
  • Sprint for 50 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Sprint for 40 seconds, Rest for 20 seconds
  • Sprint for 30 seconds, Rest for 30 seconds
  • Sprint for 20 seconds, Rest for 40 seconds

Make sure that you warm-up for at least 5 minutes before beginning this interval.


  1. Heavy 6-minutes workout

This workout is ideal for those of you who don’t have a lot of time for training. In just 6 minutes you get to boost yourStationary Bike Workouts cardiovascular system and sweat the calories out for the entire day. Of course, if you feel like you can do more, feel free to repeat the workout during the day.

Keep the RPM between 60 and 80 and focus on the routine. At the end, you might feel like your heart is racing, but that’s a good sign.

The training:

  • 12 rounds of 20 seconds (maximum effort)
  • 10 seconds of recovery between the rounds

Keep the RPM to 60 if you are a beginner but no lower than that.


  1. 4-minute drill

If you enjoy working out in the shortest time possible and yet getting the best of it, then this is the perfect drill for you. Your muscular activity is boosted during this training and the tissues that connect your joints become stronger.

You need high resistance levels and a lot of motivation.

The training:

  • Pedal for 30 seconds at 60 RPM
  • Sprint for 20 seconds at 60 RPM
  • Rest for 10 seconds by pedaling at 40-50 RPM
  • Repeat 5-6 times

Choose a song that helps you motivate yourself. Sometimes visualizing a certain route is also very helpful.


  1. 28-minute spin

Should you have a little more time at your disposal, this workout is great. It doesn’t exhaust you of all your power like the shorter ones do, but it is still intense. It uses the 30/20/10 interval, just like the workout above.

Repeat the following interval 4-5 times, depending on your resistance, but don’t give up too fast.

The training:

  • Pedal for 30 seconds at 80 RPM
  • Pedal for 20 seconds at 90 RPM and 5 RPE
  • Pedal for 10 seconds at 9 RPE
  • Rest for 2 minutes by spinning at your own pace
  • Repeat


  1. 1 hour routine

If you are one of those people who don’t like to rush things up and you have your own, slower pace of doing everything, then this workout is better for you.

It takes 60 minutes to finish this routine, which means that your resistance level must be quite high. It is not too hard, but not too easy either. Enable your heart rate monitor and keep your pace under control.

The training:

  • Pedal at your own pace for 10 minutes
  • Pedal for 10 minutes at 50 RPM
  • Pedal for 10 minutes at your own pace
  • Pedal for 10 minutes at 90 RPM and observe your heart beat rate. Don’t push any harder when it reaches 80%
  • Pedal for 5 minutes until you observe that your HR has normalized
  • Pedal for 5 more minutes at 90 RPM
  • Recover for 5 minutes
  • Pedal for 10 more minutes at 90 RPM
  • Cool down


  1. Reverse Ladder

During this training you will begin with the highest RPMs and end with the lowest. You can increase your speed level and endurance when exercising like this. There are many ways to perform this workout. Here’s an example:

The training:

  • Pedal at your own pace for 10 minutes
  • Sprint for 60 seconds seated at RPM 110, RPE 8
  • Pedal at your own pace for 60 seconds standing, RPE 5
  • Sprint for 45 seconds seated, RPM 100, RPE 7
  • Pedal at your own pace for 45 seconds standing, RPE 5
  • Sprint for 30 seconds seated, RPM 90, RPE 6
  • Pedal at your own pace for 30 seconds standing, RPE 5
  • Sprint for 20 seconds seated, RPM 90, RPE 6
  • Pedal at your own pace for 20 seconds standing, RPM 5

Repeat once more if you can.


  1. Sprint Drill

This workout type is ideal if you have a rushed lifestyle and you are short on time. You can prolong it when you can, but it’s not essential to do it. Your movements will have to be fast and correct and you have to focus on your body.

The training:

  • Play a song with 3 intense refrains
  • Stay seated and breathe deeply, then start pedaling at RPM 75
  • Increase the speed after a few seconds
  • Recover between refrains
  • Sprint when the refrain begins


  1. One leg workout

It’s not a joke. This is actually a one-leg workout. However, you will be able to change the leg you pedal with. Medium resistance is required for this training, so don’t go higher.

The training:

  • Pedal for 10 minutes at your own pace
  • Isolate one leg for 30 seconds
  • Recover for 1 minute
  • Isolate the other leg for 20 seconds
  • Repeat 5 times
  • Pedal using both legs for as long as you can at 100-120 RPM


  1. 50-minute intervals

This workout is suitable for those who need high-intensity trainings, as well as for those who need moderate-Stationary Bike Workoutsintensity trainings. Make sure you warm up properly because this workout lasts about 50 minutes.

The training:

  • Pedal for 3 minutes at 90 RPM, RPE 5
  • Recover for 5 minutes
  • Pedal for 3 minutes at 90 RPM, RPE 5
  • Recover
  • Repeat 4-5 times

Choose at least one of the workouts above if you are just starting to create a routine and see how you’re doing.


Top 5 Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

It takes some time to decide what type of bike to buy when your main purpose is to build a workout routine. There are so many options on the market that sometimes you don’t even know where to start.

If you heard of recumbent bikes but you have no idea what their benefits are, keep reading this article to find out. It is recommended to know exactly what you’re buying if you want to get the best out of a cycling routine.

What is a recumbent bike?

If you’re not sure how a recumbent bike looks like, think about those odd bikes that have a reclining position. Recumbent Bike ExerciseRecumbent bike riders look like they are lying on a sofa, but they are still able to pedal.

This bike’s design is almost completely different than the upright bike and has an ergonomic shape that is said to be healthier for the human body.

Individuals can exercise using a recumbent bike outdoors and indoors, depending on the type of equipment they own. The recumbent bikes for outdoors have a slightly different mechanism than gym recumbent machines that are adjustable and have complex functions.

Both types are recommended for those who wish to exercise in an efficient way.

What are the advantages of a recumbent bike?

At a first glance, a recumbent bike looks weird and doesn’t express safety. Its angled position is nothing like a regular bike’s, which is why most people have a good laugh at first.

However, it is safer than the upright bike and way more comfortable.

These bikes were built to increase a rider’s comfort while riding and to give obese individuals a chance to work out easier than ever.

Here are the main benefits that one should take into consideration when looking for an exercise bike:

  1. Recumbent bikes don’t impact one’s lower back. The recline encourages a correct back posture and makes the entire workout experience more pleasant.Recumbent Bike Exercise
  1. They have an even lower impact on your joints than regular bikes.
  1. The seat is larger, which means that you have a better support during training
  1. They are safer thanks to the lying position. The risk of falling off the bike or getting the feet trapped in its pedals is much lower.
  1. They are ideal for individuals who suffer from neurological conditions as it is very easy to move while sitting on it.
  1. Recumbent bikes reduce the risk of pain in all trainees
  1. The body weight is distributed broader and the rider feels much more comfortable. Therefore, they can work out with ease.
What are the main differences between recumbent and upright bikes?

When looking at a recumbent exercise bike, you can observe immediately that the seat is larger than in upright bikes. Also, the pedals are placed in front of the body instead of under the body. The recumbent bike has a backrest unlike the regular bike that offers back support and makes riding more comfortable.

When using a recumbent bike, the rider sits into the bike frame, while when using an upright bike, the body sits above the frame.

Thanks to the size of the seat, the recumbent bike is much more comfortable and reduces spinal pressure.

Recumbent bike potential

Most people believe that workouts should be painful and difficult. Contrary to this opinion, physicians and fitness experts say otherwise. Both the recumbent bike and the upright bike have the same potential when it comes to burning calories or losing weight.

Muscle toning can be also achieved with both machines.

There is a psychological factor that sometimes prevents trainees from obtaining the best results during their training. Although the recumbent exercise bike is fun and comfy, that doesn’t mean that it should be a children’s play.

Well-planned routines must be followed when training with such a bike in a gym, at home or outdoors. Either you decide to simply pedal for half an hour or choose to perform interval trainings,   you should keep in mind that your body should feel the motions intensely.

Although recumbent bikes are popular among seniors and people who need to go through a rehab program, they are as healthy as possible and useful for young people with a good physical condition.

They are recommended for anyone who deals with bad knees, lower back pain, sensitive joints and more.

The most difficult part about training with a recumbent bike is the motivation part. Staying motivated is not exactly a breeze, because it takes some time to feel that you are actually working out.

The great thing about it is that you can both relax and train at the same time, which is rare in the world of fitness. Most workout types come with a lot of sweat, intensity, breathlessness. You always have to push harder to prove to yourself that you can do more.

That is not usually the case with a recumbent bike. On the contrary, such a relaxed workout makes people want to train for longer periods of time, without even noticing it.

What to know before you begin

The fact that this machine is comfortable and relaxing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare yourself every timeRecumbent Bike Exercise you train.

Therefore, choose proper training shoes that allow you to move freely and flexibly, as well as appropriate fitness clothing. Warm up for at least 5 minutes and make sure that you aren’t too tired when you exercise.

Maintain your body in a relaxed position and adjust your seat properly. Depending on the bike’s features, set the time, distance, speed, and resistance and make sure that you can monitor your heart beat and pulse.

Also, it is important to change your training strategy from time to time to avoid getting bored. Try out interval workouts or pyramid workouts to feel that your body is put to work.

If your chair isn’t comfortable enough, buy a gel seat to improve your position and the way you feel during training.

See how the recumbent bike training goes and think about the benefits we mentioned earlier when you start working out.

How to Choose the Best Stationary Bike for Your Home?

Stationary bikes can be found in any gym and are perfect for home use thanks to their small size and versatility. They fit almost anywhere and they can help one workout even on a bad weather or Best Stationary Bike for Your Homeduring a busy day, when there is no time left to go to the gym.

The main advantage of stationary bikes is the fact that it has a low impact on the joints. This means that they can be used by healthy individuals who train to keep fit, as well as by injured people who are looking for ways to recover faster.

Stationary bikes are recommended by physicians all over the world due to the multitude of advantages they offer.

They are good for one’s health, they are extremely helpful when wanting to lose weight and modern stationary bikes are equipped with monitoring technologies that help one keep track of their physical shape.

Why choose a stationary bike for home use?

We live in a world where speed and efficiency are everything. However, they can rarely coexist in the same context. If we want to move very fast, we can’t guarantee that things will be done efficiently. Especially in the fitness world, it’s better to keep things simple and take one step at a time.

That is the main reason why a stationary bike is useful in every home. We don’t always have the time to hit the gym, as we aren’t always in the mood to walk or drive there after a rough day at work.

Having a bike in the comfort of our own home can save us time and energy that we can invest in our training. Also, one has no excuse for skipping a training day when they have a bike at home.

Although the truth is that traditional bikes are healthier and they allow you to breathe fresh air and build a toned, nicely shaped body in a short period of time, stationary bikes are also very good for your body.

They can be used at any time of the day and night and their simple presence in a home can motivate other family members to start training in order to lose weight or simply for the fun of it.

What’s the best bike for your needs?

There are plenty of stationary bikes for home use, but some of them are also very expensive. If you don’t want to invest more than necessary, then you should think carefully about your needs and Best Stationary Bike for Your Homeyour budget.

The best bike that you can choose is one that feels comfortable, that is safe and easy to use. However, today’s market has a generous offer of modern bikes that are equipped with high-end technologies, such as wireless connectivity, advanced monitors, activity tracker, heart rate monitor, pre-set trainings and more.

If you are only looking for a basic stationary bike, you should be looking for a model that is sturdily constructed, that has an ergonomic design and that is stable.

But before making a decision, you should analyze all the bike types and choose one with a mechanism that is most suitable for your training needs.

The flywheel is one of the things that make the difference between several bike types. This mechanical device that is used to store the rotational energy is connected to the pedals and provides a certain resistance.

There are three main types of bike resistance:

  • Direct-contact resistance
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Air resistance (fan-based)

Bikes that have direct-contact resistance usually have plenty of resistance settings and an accurate rotational speed.

Bikes that have magnetic resistance don’t use friction at all, unlike direct-contact ones. This means that this type of flywheel doesn’t require maintenance or replacement, which is a big advantage. Electromagnetic induction is being used to provide the required resistance.

Unlike the previous two models, fan-based resistance bikes don’t require a flywheel, as their fan is connected to the pulley system. While the rider pedals, the fan starts turning, providing air resistance that can only be increased when the user pedals faster.

There is no rule regarding the quality or comfort of these 3 types of resistance. They are all great for a particular category of home cyclers. For example, if you prefer a smooth, stable resistance level, then the magnetic resistance is more suitable for you than the other types.

Basic or complex? Which style do you need?

For some people, the resistance type is the last of the concerns. Living in an era where all objects and devices seem to be interconnected, it is also important to be able to receive important data about your activity when working out.

Therefore, having a bike with a complex monitoring system can be as important as the bike’s design.Best Stationary Bike for Your Home

However, the cycling experience is always better if you pay attention to aspects that involve your personal comfort. A bike that has an ergonomic design is not only easier to workout with, but it is also safer for your body.

Also, the safety features are extremely important. Being able to stop the pedals whenever you have an emergency proves to be very useful. Therefore, focus your attention on key safety features, too.

In the event that you want to use a stationary bike for recovery purposes, you will definitely need an advanced monitor that displays values such as your pulse, your heart beat rate, the intensity of your training and more.

If you want to lose weight, you must focus on getting a bike that has cardio programs and that is very stable.

Stationary bikes are recommended for everyone, but especially when the cardiovascular system needs to be strengthened, when a large amount of calories must be burnt or when a training that has a low impact on the joints is required.

After researching online, the next step is to go to a local shop and jump on a few stationary bike types. This way, you will be able to determine which one is the best stationary bike for your home.


How to Choose the Best Workout Bench for Your Home?

If you’re looking to buy a weight bench for your home, than you might have noticed that the market has a pretty generous offer. There are so many options available that sometimes it can be Workout Bench for homedifficult to choose between various models.

A weight bench is one of the most important equipment in a home gym and you shouldn’t think twice when deciding to buy one. It can help you shape various muscle groups and it can be used with accessories such as dumbbells and other attachments.

There are plenty of manufacturers that build adjustable or fixed workout benches. They all offer a lot of benefits, but the best bench for you is the one that suits your needs.

What to look for in the best workout bench?

There are plenty of things that matter in a workout bench, but some are more important than others. For example, a safe bench with comfortable pads is essential if you are going to take your workout to the next level. The incline and the number of attachments it is compatible with are also important and should be taken into consideration.

If you want a high-quality workout bench that you will have around for years, you should look for well-constructed, sturdy ones. Look for products with ankle blockers and stable attachments if you want to train various muscle groups. Also, make sure that it supports heavy weights, as your body will be heavier and heavier in time.

Also, don’t forget about the size. Make sure your body fits comfortably on the chosen bench when you exercise. In order to choose the right size, look for the bench’s dimensions before buying it or try it out on a local shop.

How to get the best out of your workout bench?

First of all, there are plenty of bench models to choose from. There are the abdominal boards, the flat benches, the preacher benches, the Olympic ones, the hyper-extension ones or the multi-Workout Bench for homepurpose ones.

A workout bench can be used for a variety of exercises. You can build a full training routine around it if you are willing to follow a plan. A flat workout bench can turn into a dumbbell bench press or a shoulder press. It can help you do lying tricep extensions, pull-overs, concentration curls, tricep dips, chest flyes or dumbbell rows.

If you are willing to buy an incline/decline bench and, therefore, invest a bit more, you can do a lot more. For example, you can proceed with upper chest and lower chest workouts, rear deltoid, bicep curls or one arm lateral raises.

Once you have decided which bench is best for your needs, it is time to consider making a plan that you will actually follow. See whether or not all of the steps from your plan can be followed with the bench you have chosen. In the event that some exercises in your planned routine can’t be performed with that particular bench, it might not be what you were looking for.
You still think that you can work out just fine without a bench? That is true, but only if you’re comfortable with doing only basic workouts. Otherwise, you need equipment that supports your back and helps you perform better. Here are a few benefits that you should know about:

  • A workout bench helps you lift more weights
  • You can target different angles using a bench
  • You get to define your muscle tone
  • A bench is multi-functional and allows you to train in many ways
  • You get to maximize your workout routine as the bench helps you work out your abdominal muscles, your triceps and deltoids


The best workout benches on the market

If you need a head start, then this article will help you choose from a few best-selling models that come with plenty of advantages. Here are a few of the most popular bench models:

  • CAP Barbell deluxe Utility Bench

An amazing equipment for weight training that have 7 back positions and 3 seat positions, 2 handles and 2 power bands. It is sturdy, nicely designed and great for home use.

  • Bowflex SelectTech 3.1

This is one of the most popular benches on the market. It has 4 adjustable positions, is suitable for over 30 types of exercise and can be used flat or with a decline of 90 or 45 degrees. It is comfortable and ideal for light weight workouts.

  • Iron Master Heavy Duty Adjustable Bench

One of the most appreciated adjustable benches on the market is ideal for home use, as it is very comfortable and it can be used with heavy duty weights. It has 11 positions for different inclines and can be bought with various attachments.

  • Xmark Adjustable XM-7630

This is a workout bench that has an ergonomic design, a sturdy mainframe and a scratch resistant finish. Its position can be adjusted in 3 different ways that can help you perform a variety of exercises. Moreover, its capacity goes up to 1500 Ibs, which means it is suitable for very heavy individuals by comparison to the most workout benches on the market.

  • PowerBlock Sport Bench

Slightly more affordable than other high-quality workout benches, this model has a separate seat and back pad and it includes a dip attachment. However, its weight capacity is much lower than Workout Bench for homethe previous model’s, being able to support up to only 550 Ibs.  However, it is suitable for beginners.


When you’re a busy person and you lack time or you enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home, a home gym is the best thing you can think of. In this case, a good weight bench can’t miss from your home if you are planning to follow a proper workout plan.

Either you decide to go for a flat bench, a foldable or an adjustable one, it is important to choose a high-quality model that lasts. If you’re on a tight budget, try to get a workout bench that is sturdy, even though its design isn’t the best you have seen.

However, factors such as comfort, security and adjustability are the most important when working out. Happy training!

How to Find the Best Pull-up Bur for Home Use?

Pull-up workout routines can help you develop the healthy, balanced lifestyle you always wanted to have. Having a pull-up bar at home is practical and prevents you from making excuses.Best Pull-up Bur for Home Use

If you want to feel your blood pumping through your veins, your skin breathing properly and you definitely want to build beautifully shaped muscles, then you should start looking for the best pull-up bar for home use.

There is a variety of pull-up bars that you can choose from when looking for such equipment. You can go for a simple bar or you can look for attachments and accessories that help you train, too. It all depends on your training needs.

What to look for in the best pull-up bar?

Pull-up bars for home use are generally easy to install, but you should know that there are various models to choose from. First of all, the pull-up bar should have the correct size, depending on the door’s size. Here are the three main pull-up bar types:

  • Door frame leverage bars
  • Telescopic door frame bars
  • Free standing pull-up bars

While the first type goes over the top of the doorframe and the assemble takes about 15 minutes, the second type extends between the uprights of the door. Some models come with cups that help the bar stay in its place, but most of the times users can get in place simply using pure friction.

The third type is an independent piece of equipment that must be assembled after the purchase, but doesn’t need to be attached to a doorframe. The main advantage of this equipment is that it is multifunctional and can be used both for pull-ups and for dips.

Except for the pull-up bar type that you want to start using, there are some other aspects that you should consider before buying one for home use. For example, the weight limit is quite important. If you want it to support your body weight properly, then you should check out its specs.

Most of the times, telescopic pull-up or chin-up bars can support up to 250 Ibs, while over the top bars can support about 300 Ibs. Depending on your weight, you should go for the equipment that suits your needs best.

Is the pull-up bar suitable for your home?

Although these situations are rare, there are cases in which installing a pull-up bar in your home is useless, due to lack of space or a space configuration that doesn’t allow you to train.

You are wondering why? In most cases, the doorways are too wide or there is not enough space around the edges of the door. A low ceiling could also represent an issue for those who are thinking about installing pull-up bars in their basements, for example.

Therefore, before starting to look for equipment, take a look at the space and doorframes, measure them and try to simulate the exercises. It’s really easy to tell whether there is enough space for you to train properly or not.

How to find the best pull-up bar for your needs?

With so many options available, it could be difficult to make a decision right away. Most certainly, you will spend some time online researching and you will consider all the options.Best Pull-up Bur for Home Use

If you are not sure where to look for reliable information, here are some tips that might help you out.

  • Look for honest customer reviews. Verified purchases are the most trustworthy, so you might want to look for that flag.
  • Video reviews are extremely useful, as you can see with your own eyes whether a certain method is suitable for your needs or not.
  • Check out the specifications sheet before buying the product. There are plenty of online resources where you can find the full specs.
  • Ask experienced trainers at your local gym. They surely know a lot about these things.
  • Check out the negative reviews, too. Of course, if a product has plenty of them, it doesn’t mean that it’s a low quality product. People tend to give negative reviews when they are dissatisfied from plenty of other reasons, such as the shipping time, customer service or insufficient research.


Take into consideration at least some of the features below when buying a pull-up bar:

  • It should be easy to install in various places of your home
  • It should be extendable and should reach up to 20 inches
  • It should have ergonomic design
  • It should have padded grips
  • It should be made of durable, powerful materials
  • It should have adjustable grips.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can find plenty of models that are suitable for your needs. Having a pull-up bar in the comfort of your own home doesn’t compare to having Best Pull-up Bur for Home Useto go to the gym every day.

This way, there is no way you will skip training, unless you are too lazy to get up and start exercising.

After finding the best pull-up bar for home use, you will be able to start creating a daily or weekly routine that will help you build nicely shaped biceps, triceps, shoulders, back muscles, chest muscles and more. Your forearms will benefit a lot from this type of exercise, too.

What’s even more important is that you can use the pull-up bar to train your abs and legs, too. There are countless exercises that you can perform on a pull-up bar, such as knee raises, leg raises and many more.

Are you looking for a way to train your muscles but you also want to include cardio workouts in your routine? That’s even better!

After reaching at least an intermediate level, you can start doing interval trainings and let yourself be challenged by new training types every day. Also, you can start doing as many repetitions as you can in a short amount of time. This will turn you into the healthy, active and balanced person that you always wanted to become. You will be able to train properly using nothing more than a pull-up bar for home use.

How to Find the Best Elliptical for Home Use?

The elliptical machine is one of the best gym equipment that you can purchase for home use. There are plenty of models available on the market that are lightweight, easy to assemble and install.Best Elliptical for home use

Depending on your budget, you can find elliptical machines for home use that are simple or complex and that can help you bring balance and health into your life.

It is very important to know what you are looking for before actually buying an elliptical trainer. If you have some workout routines in mind and you know that you will want to closely monitor your activity, you will need a machine that has an advanced control panel and various tracking features.

There are plenty of reasons why one should buy an elliptical machine for your home. Here are the most important of them:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle toning
  • Cardio training
  • Recovery from injuries
  • Knee strengthening
  • Daily training to strengthen the cardiovascular system

Keep reading to find some tips and tricks that will help you buy the best elliptical for home use.

What to look for in the best elliptical machine?

Giving the fact that this equipment can be truly complex, there are many things that one should consider when looking to buy an elliptical machine for home use.

The higher the level of customization, the better you will feel during training. But before going into the details, let’s see what you should look for in perfect elliptical machine:

  • The size of the elliptical machine should be suitable for the space you have available in your home.
  • It is important to have an elliptical that is easy to assemble. In case you want to move, the last thing you want is to channel your energy towards your fitness equipment.
  • The ergonomics are really important. If the distance between the pedals is too large, you will feel uncomfortable during training and the workout will not be as effective as you expect it to be.
  • The existence of safety features is essential when it comes to using an elliptical machine at home. Children might be around and they must be protected at all times. Also, you should be able to get off the machine in the shortest time possible in case of emergency, which means that at least an emergency stop button should be included.
  • Choose an elliptical machine that is You should be able to set the incline, the speed, the resistance and more.
  • High-end features might not seem that important to people who just want to train, but they seem to be very important for those who are ready to invest a lot in their equipment. Being able to connect your machine with your devices, to the Internet and to your music gadgets is really important at times.


How to find the best elliptical for home use?

Finding an elliptical trainer for home use is not an easy tasBest Elliptical for home usek. In order to find the best machine for your needs and budget, you have to compare the features, the design, the price, the materials, the warranty and not only.

However, once you’ve found it and you’ve bought it, you are on the best path towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle for you and your family.

There are several top rated elliptical machines on the market that can be bought at reasonable prices, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find other models that will suit your needs better.

In order to find the right model, you should:

  • Check out online reviews
  • Check out customer reviews that share their personal experience with the product
  • Search for videos that show how the machine really works
  • Compare the prices and the specs
  • Consider the available space you have and the size and weight of the machine
  • Consider the brand reliability
What are the features that you should be looking for?

There’s more to an elliptical trainer than the pedals, the speed and resistance monitor. Training can become fun and entertaining with electronic programming at your disposal, as well as some
console gadgets.

  • Exercise programs

Plenty of elliptical machines come with pre-set exercise programs that can be personalized. These programs are extremely useful as they can help you train in a less boring way.

These programs are created using a specific amount of time, speed and resistance, as well as adjustable incline. Practically, they help you train without thinking about the exercises.

  • Heart rate monitorBest Elliptical for home use

Modern elliptical machines are designed with the user’s safety in mind. Whenever you are close to overexertion, the machine informs you that you should slow down or even stop exercising. You can track your heart rate over a certain period of time to monitor your health condition.

  • Calories burnt

If you want to lose weight, it is important to know approximately how many calories you will be burning during a certain training. Depending on your body weight, you might lose more or less, but at least you have an idea and you will start training in a way that will benefit your purpose.

  • Gadgets

Manufacturers have observed that users enjoy multitasking while training. Some of them like to watch their favorite show, while others feel better when they listen to music. Therefore, there are plenty of models that are equipped with iPod docks, LCD TVs, fans and many more.

There are countless options when it comes to modern gym or home equipment. However, the more complex a machine is, the higher the risk of needing more complex maintenance or even service.

If you don’t mind the fact that some of its components will require repairing from time to time, then a modern, high-tech elliptical trainer is just what you’re looking for.

Elliptical trainers are great companions that can help you stay fit and motivate your family and friends to work out more. Although the most advanced machines require quite an investment, they are useful, entertaining, great for your health and impressively accurate. The only thing you have to do is to be careful when you research and buy the one that is most suitable for your needs.

Best Elliptical for home use

The perfect pull up workout routine

You look good and you feel better, so why would you want to follow a pull-up workout routine that can be so

pull up workoutoverwhelming sometimes? Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should get on it right away.

Except for the fact that it helps you bring a little diversity in your daily workouts, a perfect pull-up workout makes you stronger and increases your stamina. Hard to believe? Not so fast with the conclusions!

Why choose a pull-up workout routine?

We all know that it is difficult to build such a routine because it feels like torture in the beginning. Your muscles hurt and after a few repetitions every single part of your arms and shoulders burns.

That’s true! But when was any workout routine easy in the beginning?

There is a good chance that you will feel powerless and helpless while standing in front of the pull-up bar but once you decide to go on with it, everything will start to change.

Here are the muscles that work intensely during this exercise: the muscles in your fingers, forearms, shoulders, biceps and triceps, back and core. By following a correct pull-up routine, you become stronger. Also, your upper body will be perfectly defined by healthy, gorgeous muscles.

Get the best out of a pull-up routine

Doing a few pull-ups in the gym is not enough. It is important to bring some diversity into your life if you’re going to follow this routine. Otherwise, you will get bored fast and you will start looking for other workout options.

From time to time, take your workout outside. If you see a tree with perfect limbs for pull-ups, don’t hesitate to jumppull up workout on it. Don’t forget your training gloves, though!

Another option is to organize an outdoor gym. You can do it alone or with your friends. If you can’t find the space for something like this, go find an outdoor gym somewhere in the neighborhood, near the jogging trails.

Also, it is a good idea to install a pull-up bar in your own home. This way, you won’t be able to find excuses and you’ll continue working out every day.

If you can take advantage of all of the above, your workout routine will turn you into an active, good-looking and strong person. Moreover, you will soon be impressed by the results.

The best pull-up routine for beginners

If you are a beginner, you should take it slow and only exercise twice a week using a pull-up bar. If you feel like doing more, don’t hesitate, but make sure you’re not forcing your muscles.

First week: Do 6 sets of 2 repetitions each. If this is the first time you’ve done this, it might seem a bit difficult. On the contrary, if you have been doing a lot of pull-ups in the past and you just want to get back on track, this will be a breeze.

Second week: Do 5 sets of 3 repetitions each, twice a week. Once you increase the number of repetitions you will start feeling that your muscles burning. Keep going!

Third week: Do 4 sets of 4 repetitions each, two times a week. At the end of the week, you will be ready to take it to the next level.

Fourth week: Do 3 sets of 6 repetitions each. You should feel powerful enough to do even 3 sets of 8 or 10 repetitions each by now, but again, don’t force yourself. If you feel capable of doing more, that’s great.


The perfect advanced pull-up workout routine

If you keep exercising, the workouts above will seem too easy at some point. That is the moment when you can start pushing harder and challenge yourself. Here’s the best routine for experienced trainees:

First Day: Do as many pull-ups as you can in 30 seconds.

Repeat 5 times. If you feel comfortable doing elevated pull-ups you can do that, too. Continue with 5 sets of chin-up pull-ups, working out on the same principle: as many as you can in a short interval of time.

Second day: Use a chin-up bar or an attachment to do 4 sets of chin-ups, 4 repetitions each.

Then continue with 4 sets of 25 push-ups each. Push-ups fit perfectly in such a workout routine and they keep you away from boredom. This way, you will strengthen your core even faster.

Third day: Rest

Fourth day: Do 3 sets of 6 push-ups each and continue with 3 sets of chin-ups.

Perform as many chin-ups as possible without looking at the clock. Simply do as many as you can and then rest for 45 seconds before starting a new set.

Fifth day:   Do 6 sets of 5 pull-ups each and continue with pushups. But these will not be just any push-ups.

You will have to raise one of the legs, maintaining it that way until you finish 10 repetitions. Do 6 sets of 10 repetitions per leg.

Although this is a difficult exercise, you will have two more days to rest and recover before starting your routine all over again.


pull up workoutIf you do some research, you will quickly observe that you have access to many “recipes” that provide you with the perfect pull-up workout routine. However, there is nothing better than the routine that suits your needs best.

The recommendations above are suitable for everyone, but depending on your experience, you can try a lot more.

Interval trainings, for example, are some of the best ways to train your entire body. The main advantage of interval workouts is that they vary in difficulty and you never get bored of them.

Therefore, you can combine pull-ups with a variety of other exercises, such as running, jumping rope, pull-ups, weight workouts, rowing workouts and many more.

In the event that you are only looking to strengthen and shape your upper body, you can follow the workout routines above without combining them with other types of exercise. However, you should increase the number of repetitions over time.

Happy training!

5 Tips for Buying the Best Mountain Bike for Your Money

So you are one of those people who enjoy riding a good mountain bike regardless of the time of the year? That’s great! But there comes a time when you need a new bike, a better bike.

When the time comes, you must take into consideration all the factors that contribute to a smart decision. Being able to find an affordable bike that stands out of the crowd is quite a challenge.

Less is more is a quote that often applies in this industry, which is why you should analyze the market thoroughly.

In this article, you will find 5 tips that you can use when you are in the search of the best mountain bike for your money.

What to look for in the best bike for your needs?Best mountain bike

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we look far beyond our true needs when it comes to choosing a new bike. We don’t always need to buy the most expensive bikes or gears, but still, we dream about these things and we follow their price evolution.

When you are on a budget, it is best to focus on the things that really matter. For example, you should think about the type of trails that you will be riding on and what kind of bike you really need in the given situation. 2

Also, it is important to determine whether you need a trail bike, an all-mountain bike, a cross country one or a dirt jump one. Choosing between hardtail or full suspension bikes is also important.

Here’s what you should pay attention to the most:

  • The drivetrain
  • The suspensions
  • The wheels
  • The brakes
  • The frame materials
Tip #1

Choose between the light, the strong or the cheap

When your budget is limited you definitely can’t afford to buy mountain bikes that come with all of these advantages.Best mountain bike Think about what you need most and focus on that particular thing.

You won’t be able to buy the best bike on the market, but, with enough research, you can buy the best mountain bike for your money.

If you want a bike that is both strong and light, then the frame should be made of the best material mix. That means that it will not be cheap. Titanium and carbon frames are the most expensive and are considered to be the best.

A durable frame is extremely important if you are looking for a strong bike.


Tip #2

You don’t always have to buy a new bike

Do you have any idea how many people who can afford expensive bikes simply keep them in their garages? If you areBest mountain bike looking to buy a cheap bike with great specs, you should also check out the second-hand market. Eventually, you will find a nice, strong bike that suits your needs.

There are many cases in which bike owners choose to go for newer models and decide to sell the ones they already own. Don’t be too skeptical about used bikes. You would be surprised to see that many of them are as good as new.


Tip #3

Try out various models

You haven’t decided which bike type is better for your needs? Or you are a newbie who can’t really tell if the bike is comfortable or suitable for a specific type of road?

Talk to your friends and acquaintances about your desire to buy a new bike and ask for advice. Get on your friends’ bikes and ask for riding tests before actually buying one. Remember that you will only be able to tell whether or not the bike is what you need after a few minutes.


Tip #4

Hardtail bikes

Full suspension bikes are everyone’s dream, but they require a larger investment. However, hardtail bikes are also great bikes, depending on one’s needs. They are best for occasional use and for riders that feel that they must gain some experience.

A hardtail bike has a solid frame and a suspension fork in the front. It requires less maintenance than a full suspension bike, being an ideal option for those who have a limited budget.


Tip #5

Get inspiration from high-end bikes

Is there a specific brand that manufactures your favorite bike model, but you can’t afford it? If yes, you should know that there are plenty of cheaper brands that probably manufacture the same model somewhere.

Check out your favorite bike’s specifications and try to find them elsewhere at a lower price. You will be surprised to Best mountain bikesee how many things these models have in common.

Moreover, if you know a few things about a bike’s mechanism and design, you can try to configure one yourself, by simply buying all the parts you need and putting them all together. In most cases, the investment only reaches a third of a new bike’s cost.

If, however, you choose to go for a replica, don’t expect it to be flawless. Prepare yourself for minor aesthetic errors and try to choose a bike with great warranty coverage.

Choosing the best mountain bike for your money isn’t an easy task. Be patient and don’t throw your money away for a bike that you don’t know well enough. Also, as recommended above, make sure to try out as many models as possible before making a decision.

The purpose of use, the routes you will be using it on, the required maintenance, your riding style, are all important factors that must be taken into consideration when looking for your next bike.

Additionally, there are things that you shouldn’t pay so much attention to, such as some design elements. In most cases, they don’t affect a rider’s experience and they don’t play an essential role, especially if the bike is used occasionally.

Unless something in the bike’s design has an important role, try to find one that is as simple as possible. This way, you will be able to reduce its price even more.

Once you found the perfect one, make sure it is covered by warranty, find out what is covered and what not and make sure that the gears and accessories are affordable enough.

Best Mountain Bike under $1,000 Reviews for 2016

When first getting into the sport of cycling, a lot of people are wary of spending too much on a brand new bike, as they may find that they don’t enjoy the activity and end up wasting their money on a bike that they never use. Others may prefer to look for the best mountain bike under $1,000 because they want to introduce somebody to the sport or are looking for the perfect present. Whatever the reason, nobody wants to purchase a poor quality product so it is a good idea to have an understanding of what you need to look for in a good bike.

Stowabike 26 MTB V2 Mountain BikeStowabike 26" MTB V2 Mountain Bike4/ 5$$$Click Here!
for more details!
Mongoose Impasse Dual Full SuspensionMongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension3.7/ 5$$$$Click Here!
for more details!
Schwinn High Timber Mountain BikeSchwinn High Timber Mountain Bike4.7/ 5$$$$Click Here!
for more details!
Northwoods Aluminum Mountain BikeNorthwoods Aluminum Mountain Bike3.2/ 5$$$$Click Here!
for more details!
Thruster T-29 29er Men's Mountain BikeThruster T-29 29er Men's Mountain Bike3.3/ 5$$$$Click Here!
for more details!
Diamondback Bicycles Full Suspension Mountain BikeDiamondback Bicycles Full Suspension Mountain Bike4.7/ 5$$$$Click Here!
for more details!
Diamondback Bicycles Full Suspension Mountain BikeThruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike4.4/ 5$$$$Click Here!
for more details!
The History

Though cycling has existed for many years, the mountain bike as we have come to know it was actually introduced in 1966. This is when the first bicycle was advertised as a ‘mountain bicycle’ and, in many cases, they were simply Best Mountain Bike under 1000heavily modified cruiser bikes that were suitable for riding on rougher terrain. However, the sport began to pick up steam and by the time the 1970s rolled around there were many bikes that were being made specifically for this aspect of the sport.

What To Look For

A good mountain bike needs to have a sturdy frame that is capable of withstanding the difficult conditions that it will encounter, in addition to very good breaks, excellent handling and tires that are capable of dealing with difficult riding conditions. Cyclists must also make the effort to find gear that will keep them safe when riding, to protect from the hazards of falling.

Mountain vs Road Bike

There are many differences between mountain and road bikes, so you are going to need to understand what you want to use the bike for before making a purchase. If you are going to be riding on smoother surfaces, a road bike will offer a far superior level of performance. However, if you anticipate riding on all sorts of terrain, a mountain bike is the best option. With this guide, you should find one that is perfect for your needs.

1. Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Mountain Bike

Stowabike 26 MTB V2 Mountain Bike

Click here for current price and more details

Stowabike has placed a lot of emphasis on portability with their mountain bike, mirroring the current trend for folding bikes that is being followed by a lot of commuters. This makes their bike far easy to commute with, as it can be easily stored in the trunk of a vehicle, rather than requiring a large bike rack for transport.

Better yet, it doesn’t sacrifice any performance, offering a solid frame that can withstand difficult riding conditions in addition to solid suspension that makes riding in difficult conditions an absolute breeze.

  • The 26 inch steel frame is sturdy and can be folded for easier transport.
  • Comes with 18 speed gear settings so that you have plenty of options when riding.
  • Has a 26 inch steel form that ensures suspension isn’t an issue in tough terrain.
  • The steel v-brakes will bring the bike to a halt quickly and with minimal jolting.
  • The thick tires will last for a long time, no matter where you ride.
What’s To Like About The Stowabike 26″ MTB V2

A lot of users have spoken about how the bike is perfect for people who are new to the sport, allowing them to get to grips with mountain biking without spending a lot of money on their first bike. Others have highlighted the portability offered by the folding frame as a definite plus point.

What’s Not To Like

A number of more experienced cyclists have compared the bike to more expensive models and drawn unfavorable comparisons, though it is important to remember that this bike is intended for beginners. A few have also had issues with being provided with the wrong instruction manual, though later reviews indicate that this has been remedied.

Final Word

If you are looking for the best mountain bike under $1000 but are also concerned about having to spend more money on bike racks and related peripherals, this is an excellent choice. Its 3.6 out of 5 rating is not fully indicative of its quality, but it is important to point out that experienced cyclists may want to look elsewhere.

2. Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension

Click here for current price and more details

Mongoose advertises their bike as being one of the best 29ers on the market and it is difficult to argue with them when you consider the fact that they use high quality parts made by companies like Shimano in the construction of this full suspension mountain bike.

Featuring an aluminum frame that offers the ride plenty of flexibility and much more comfort than the average steel frame is capable of, this bike is still extremely sturdy and capable of withstanding the rigors of riding in tough terrain.

  • The aluminum frame is intended to improve rider comfort while also improving the bike’s performance.
  • The 21 speed gear system is made by Shimano, which is one of the most respected companies in the bicycle industry.
  • The Element suspension fork helps to keep the ride even smoother.
  • The alloy front and rear wheel brakes have plenty of stopping power.
  • The allow wheels are lightweight yet sturdy, further improving performance.
What’s To Like About The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension

A lot of users have expressed shock at how well priced this bike is, with some even going so far as to claim that the cost could hurt the business of manufacturers that sell similar products at a higher rate. Others have pointed towards its durability and comfort, claiming that it can handle thousands of miles without issue, if treated properly.

What’s Not To Like

While most riders have been delighted with the build quality of the product, a minority have encountered manufacturing issues, such as loose pedals or poorly aligned gears. Others have noted that the customer service offered by Mongoose is fairly poor, making it difficult to get these issues remedied.

Final Word

The 3.7 out of 5 rating that this bike currently sports tells both sides of the story. As long as you get the bike as it is intended you will have one of the best value mountain bikes on the market. However, there seem to be a number of manufacturing issues that some riders have encountered, which is something you will need to keep in mind before buying.

3. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain BikeClick here for current price and more details

Schwinn has long maintained a solid reputation in the cycling industry for the quality of their high-end bikes, but the company also makes sure to cater to those who are shopping on a budget and people who are just taking their very first steps into the world of mountain biking.

The company is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of their bikes, which will keep you covered if you have an issue with the bike that was caused by regular use. The High Timber is no different in this respect, despite costing less than $1000.

  • Comes with a frame and suspension fork that have both been designed by Schwinn and matches the standard you would expect from the company.
  • The 21 speed Shimano gear system is capable of quick and smooth gear shifts.
  • The 3 piece allow crank offers an even wider flexibility when it comes to your gears.
  • The allow wheels offer great performance.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects.
What’s To Like About The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Reliability is the name of the game with this bike, with many people pointing out that it may sacrifice a little bit of the speed you will have with more expensive bikes, but you get a high quality and long lasting product in the bargain. For those who are new to the sport, that is a compromise worth making.

What’s Not To Like

Negative feedback has been minimal so far, with just one user commenting on how they have experienced manufacturing errors. As noted previously, these should be covered by the warranty that comes with all Schwinn bikes.

Final Word

This bike is a front runner when trying to pick the best mountain bike under $1000. It is sturdy, reliable and is made by a company that has a long standing reputation for quality in the industry. The fact that it currently boasts a 4.7 out of 5 rating should tell you everything that you need to know.

4. Northwoods Aluminum Mountain Bike

Northwoods Aluminum Mountain Bike

Click here for current price and more details

This bike from Northwoods features a durable aluminum frame that is able to take a real battering when you are riding, while still offering an exceptional level of performance that is impressive even for people who are more experienced with the sport of mountain biking.

It is one of the lowest-priced bikes on this list, which makes it absolutely perfect for those who are shopping on a budget. Even so, you can expect plenty of quality form this package and a mountain bike that will more than offer a solid return on your initial investment.

  • The aluminum frame allows for a high level of performance not often seen in bikes of this price.
  • The steel fork ensures that the suspension of the bike is study and capable of handling most terrain.
  • Has 24 inch allow rims that make for great wheels for the beginner.
  • The Shimano rear derailleur offers an extra level of quality to the overall package.
  • The 21 speed gear system is great for people just getting to grips with the sport.
What’s To Like About The Northwoods Aluminum Mountain Bike

A number of users have commented on how the light weight of the bike belies its durability and that it is much more reliable than they expected given the price that was paid. Others have mentioned how it makes a great gift for kids so that you don’t have to spend large amounts of money on a bike they will eventually grow out of.

What’s Not To Like

A number of people have encountered manufacturing errors, such as misaligned gears or poor tires. Others have taken issue with the amount of time it takes to assemble the bike on delivery, with a few users commenting on the instructions being less than what they expected.

Final Word

If you are looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, this is a mountain bike that is definitely worth considering. While we can’t ignore the fact that a number of users have encountered issues with the bike, most are delighted with the overall package and use it as a gateway into the sport of mountain biking.

5. Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike

Thruster T-29 29er Men's Mountain Bike

Click here for current price and more details

This Thruster bike is manufactured for fully grown men, as indicated by the fact that it is a 29er, and has been developed with beginner and intermediate users in mind. Of course, to meet the claim that the bike is suitable for people who have some experience, it needs to meet a certain level of quality.

Thankfully, the bike passes those tests with flying colors. Not only is it extremely well-assembled, it is also capable of a surprisingly high level of performance given the cost, likely because of the use of quality components from the likes of Shimano.

  • The lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy while also offering great performance.
  • The well-made tires are capable of providing excellent grip on practically any surface.
  • The steel crank set is made with durability in mind.
  • Shimano derailleurs and shifters ensure the ride is as smooth as possible.
  • The 29 inch alloy rims ensures the wheels perform better than their steel counterparts.
What’s To Like About The Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike

The quality of the ride has received plenty of praise for users, with some going so far as to claim that the bike has helped them to understand why so many people enjoy the sport of mountain biking. Considering that is one of the main aims of any beginner bike, it’s hard to find much more meaningful praise than that.

What’s Not To Like

There has been little in the way of negative feedback, but those who weren’t happy with the bike generally pointed towards manufacturing errors or issues caused during transit. In most cases, this can be remedied by contacting the company directly.

Final Word

This may be the best mountain bike under $1000 for people who are looking for the most affordable option that also offers a level of performance that you may expect from an intermediate bike, rather than a beginner model. The 3.9 out of 5 rating it currently sports shows that most people have been more than satisfied with their purchase.

6. Diamondback Bicycles Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Click here for current price and more details

Diamondback are another big name in the cycling industry that you may not expect to manufacture bikes at this price range but, much like Schwinn, they understand the importance of drawing more people into the sport by offering affordable option that will encourage them to explore more later on down the line.

This means that you can still expect plenty of quality from this beginner’s mountain bike, with the company making use of high quality components in addition to providing an excellent frame that will endure plenty of use before it starts showing signs of wear and tear.

  • The aluminum frame has been designed to be as shock absorbent as possible.
  • The mechanical disk brakes are made to help you come to an easy stop in any conditions.
  • The suspension fork allows for customization so you can get the ride you want.
  • Comes with a 24 speed gear system to offer plenty of choice while riding.
  • Sturdy wheels that offer protection from obstacles while also allowing for a speedy ride.
What’s To Like About The Diamondback Bicycles Mountain Bike

Many riders have pointed out just how great a deal you will be getting with this bike, claiming that the performance levels on offer are far beyond what you would expect. Better yet, it can also be customised quite readily, making it a good choice for experienced cyclists shopping on a budget.

What’s Not To Like

There has been very little in the way of negative feedback, with the only real issue being had by one customer who received a damaged bike. This appears to have been a problem caused by the delivery company, rather than a manufacturing fault from Diamondback themselves.

Final Word

It’s something of a two horse race when considering the best mountain bike under $1000, as this offering from Diamondback is the only one capable of offering any real competition to the Schwinn bike we looked at earlier. It also boasts a 4.7 out of 5 rating, so it is really tough to choose between the two.

7. Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

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Thruster are back with a slightly smaller version of their basic mountain bike design, with the19 inch frame included here making it more suitable for younger rides or smaller adults. It also makes use of some quality components, so you can expect a good ride whenever you take it out.

The bike has been designed with both quality and aesthetics in mind, with a nifty little flair in the design of the tires used helping this to stand out from the crowd in terms of looks, while the performance levels are also surprisingly good for a bike of this price.

  • The 19 inch frame makes this bike perfect for smaller riders.
  • Comes with sturdy disk brakes that offer plenty of stopping power.
  • The suspension allows for 65mm of travel.
  • The 21 speed shifter is designed by Shimano, meaning you get smoother gear changes.
  • The alloy wheels are sturdy while still offering superb performance.
What’s To Like About The Thruster KZ2600 with Dual-Suspension

Many people have complimented the bike because of the quality of the components used, with most being satisfied with the smoothness of gear changes and performance of the brakes. The use of aluminum for most of the major parts of the bike are also considered to be a big plus.

What’s Not To Like

A minority of users believe that Thruster have spent too much time on the looks of the bike and not enough ensuring they meet the expected standards of build quality every time. A few have experienced issues with failing brakes, which is something that you don’t want to occur when you are riding difficult trails.

Final Word

With a 3.3 out of 5 rating, the opinions of this bike are a fairly mixed bag. While a few people have encountered construction issues that hampered the experience, most have found the bike to be extremely reliable and excellent value for money.

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